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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Thanks to SNL, I can move 2 toothpicks and change 6 triangles to 3 and covert pen is mightier to ...

Ah, subtle humor lost on so many, especially those lost in grammar he'll and spelling Hades from texting though they had numeric only. Ninja plz! I supposed with age and I think reading something beyond Facebook you may have a chance understanding the well-placed adverb with critical thinking is sarcasm or alliteration.

I had read many texts messages with the pay-per-letter mentality that lead to so many interpretations it might as well have been Nostradamus or the Bible for the many versions it would spawn. "Cum ovr"? Ew, no! "Cum over"? No! "Come over." Meaning... I go there or you come over here.... hours later and no phone call it is translated.

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