Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Thinking not involved

You've watched the movie, now taste it! This was next to Spongebob candy canes. Are you supposed to taste the stars, the acting talent? How would you like to delve into either shameless promotion or some barely-defined psycho-sexual realm of depravity? I suppose there are people who would too-well enjoy eating anime food or food with a person's face on the wrapper.

I find it comical that the HS Musical is "fruit flavored", not the typical peppermint. I wanna be fruity just like ... [insert star here].

Another sad, lunk-head thing there was the "FAMILY GAMES" section. This was a partial section, the rest of the games were located elsewhere. The rudest, dumbest thing there for family gaming was the Godfather Trivia game. Come on kids -- when Michael Corleone executed Capt. McCluskey and Virgil Sollozzo, did he run, walk away or continue shooting?

Why don't we throw in family games like Sex and the City, Grand Theft Auto series, Sopranos, Family Guy, and South Park while we're corrupting the minds of the young?

I couldn't quite get the box and the price in one shot with my cellphone, so I took a video. Nothing says "White trashy Christmas" like wrastling. At $120, how many buyers will there be? This is like making the $12 meal at McDonald's ... it just won't fly. People don't flock to McDonald's because it's good, but rather because it's cheap!

Somewhere, a cigarette-smelling family is watching their child (ren) have a plastic beat-down while they half-watch an exhibition on the television too.

It would be an odd scene to see the crowds swelling the event, all-in-all, the wattage of the lights far exceeding the IQ of the whole population there.