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Sunday, August 10, 2008

more personal important numbers

8 9 8 8 10 8 1 2 4 12.5 (referring to dates, time, and other)

To my reader . . . Thank you!

Trying to ignore the obvious

Pardon the Terry Gilliam-like picture here.
You might have read in another post, that I was losing my faith. I know people who are slowly being erased ... Alzheimer's and other diseases are a nasty exit to this world. In the meantime of trying to go about my business not thinking about God . . . so many times God being mentioned. So many times it appears that God is reminding me that God exists whether I choose to believe or not.

God clearly is everywhere. A withering death is terrible for the person withering away and for those around her/him who see that person painful die. I'm just not sure I understand. Since I appear to be contending that God exists, then I must ask, "What role does God play?"

You had a hotel room for my father ...

prepare to die. + (Montoya)......
"and a small contract's got me layin' on my back"++
+ Princess Bride
++ "Can't Truss It", Public Enemy


The US does a lot of work for Iraq and Iraq repays the United States with ... (drum roll please)

China Gets Oil.
I think there's a certain unfairness to it all.