Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Monday, January 12, 2009

only one

There is but one of her

Thankfully she doesn't mind me sometimes wearing my OMG (G is for 'golly') jeans which appears to show my job as a denim destroyer. If there is a muddy, thorn-covered path, I will take it.

If there is an obstacle, I will find a way.
She inspires me and recently reminded me of what I should be doing,
what I was told I should do
that will take some thinking and hard work

Thank you my one true love Tawnya!
Our hearts are one, our lives are two, but eventually will be one.

Gagged, you're it

Dating site reminds me of Tone Loc:

"I thought I'd try my luck on the 'Love Connection'." "I asked the audience and you know they picked a winner."+

"Yikes. Yikes; Yikes! Hate your hair. Oh, let me guess ... you have a great personality."++

I'm not looking, but rather I got this because I accepted an invite to the social networking from my niece. Beware Romulans bearing gifts. If I were "in the market", Alishia would get my notice. She's local, you know ... 722 miles away.

+ Funky Cold Medina
++ Emperor's New Groove