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Sunday, March 08, 2009


I will assume that the connection is still working. I saw that it was working continuously.

Two technicians came out to the place to fix the connection. Well, as it turned out the signal was weak even with the signal boost. The technicians Reuben and Jason were prompt and fast and got the signal back to standard. They also did a diagnostic on the computer. Viola! It works.

The culprit, an external splitter. It was a new splitter that went bad. The splitter was not a Comcast part, only one that was purchased. I don't know a product name or number or specifically what it looked like. Don't bother asking.

While getting people to address the issue was a hassle, I will note here that after some concern, I was requested to keep some Comcast personnel informed on the success of the cable. I and TM have been contacted by Comcast several times in an effort to ensure that it was shown that customer service is indeed their concern.

It's nice to know that this company tried. It is a shame that, "it had to be taken to this level", as a representative had told me. If the personnel who contacted me wish to be named to highlight their participation in the success of the internet, I should expect them to let me know. I hope this shows that Comcast will work hard to ensure that customers are a priority.

Maybe later, I will use the catch phrase of, "... astic"

What I will try to keep resounding is, "I would like to ensure this is completed successfully. If you are interested in my assistance, please feel free to reply"