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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shatner's priceline

Stop! Don't pay more for the services of a hooker without William Shatner as the T.J. Hooker Price(line) Negotiator. Half-and-half -- maybe get even half off.

-- pardon the sloppiness. I did this quickly.


Surprise, for not understanding the basic question, you get an "F". The question was simple, but the answer or result given showed absolutely no evidence of comprehension. I would have done better ask Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

naked furniture cleaning

I don't mean unfinished cupboards, but rather innuendos of wood and polishing.

Unbelievable. That sounds safe, right?

I'm sure that the "clients" just want a clean house. Uh, yeah right. Yeah, there's nothing better than a nude maid dusting fan blades and cleaning windows in the sun room.

This was featured in the FW area.

My 2nd Indy interview

My 2nd Indy interview a waste. OK, the job is a big maybe, oh and after the joy of driving down to Indy, you get to come back tomorrow. I won't BOTHER telling you that you should plan for that and maybe bring a change of clothes for the group interview tomorrow. Is this your first week working then?

My first one went very well. I seemingly did a nice job at interview. I don't know anything on pay, but know that I would likely get lots of hours. Hey, yeah, I like that!

I will discuss the details when I get positive feedback on the job, oh, say, an offer.