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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We don't need a losing doll

Well, I looked for jobs, redid my resume, looked for jobs, did an interview, and walked out twice for walks. On my second walk, I got these. The odd insect with white background was shot at DF's on Sunday.

We have salesman who talk, walk, and sell you lies and promises. We don't need an honest doll.
Sales interview was flat. TM asked how it went. Well, I have a chance like a snowball in Hell. They need successful, proven salespeople, not me.

Arab vs Isreali

With the billions of dollars the Arabs and Muslims have, have they done anything like this?

F You barbaric explosive jackholes!

Israel rocks! Oh, and Israel walks, too! (link)

Hint, Muslims, do something for your people like this!