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Sunday, June 29, 2008

non-celebrity spotting

"Aren't you ..."

I was captured again wandering about. Adam spotted me and has a job at a hardware store. That means that five years ago I stuck in his mind. I am damn glad he didn't greet me with a sucker punch to the gut. I guess I did make some small, positive impact on people.

I like teaching, I like education, I just think our educational system needs work and not in the direction it has been. "Change the variables"+ ie: lower the standards.

+ Thank you Monkeyjack for this very memorable quote

greet me with the widest smile

Then they go after me like a dog biscuit.

I love you ... chew, chew, chew

not bad for a free item

I was given a computer cooling fan. I scoffed it, but it does cool down my laptop. Interesting.

It probably works better still not on the cement.

Charlie playing

He was a put put off that we didn't jump for hours on the trampoline or that we didn't have our eyes bug out with hours of Wii, but still we had fun. Charlie took the time to spit, gross habit, into the yard, and he lied down, thoughtfully before dinner. "Gosh! I'm starving!"

He appears to be doing a, "Mini Me"

2 clumps of mud

Well, I was mowing and the little girl in her yard was happy to talk with me. She wanted to know if I had kids, if I had a wife, if I had a mother. This was really because of her inquisitive mind.

"This is [man's name] house. He has a wife." "My mom has a belly in her belly." She was ecstatic about having a little sister. It was unclear to me whether she had high hopes or if the parents knew the sex of the unborn child.

In the course of our talk she broke off bits of the chunk of mud with which she was playing and let me "taste" some god old mother Earth, she old enough to understand it was a game. She wore some mud on her shirt and told me that she soon had to take a bath. I suggested to her to take time to play before she got cleaned. Folks tend not to have kids bathe just to dive back into the sandbox or make mud pies.

In all, the clumps of mud were a nice little gesture, though I didn't wind up putting them on a shelf of any kind.

same title, not a movie

weight of water

Fiery weekend?

Well, Keith enlisted my help with moving the logs from one point to another, now next to garage for the fire pit. They temporarily have two. Keith is using the fire to burn up the stump left from the massive tree taken a couple of years ago. --The pictures are clouded because of this fire and the one behind me as I shot this one -- The other fire pit is still in use which is where the burgers were cooked.

Charles (not Charlie), was many things in the Navy, a chef being one of them. He finished the burgers and cooked the shrimp while Charlie, Keith, and I were at the store. Lori was working on other stuff for the meal.

As well as logs, we moved stones to surround and control the fire on the second pit. Keith's goal is to move it once again to a point somewhere midpoint between the two, so people can sit around the fire like the old days.