Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks Cerpicio!

Good gosh! It's Josh!


While standing outside, the clouds looked white.

What I am reading

Dyatic Model of Consciousness and Dr. Edgar Mitchell's Nature of Mind

and Dave Pelzer's Moving Forward: Taking the Lead in Your Life.

2 fish, hold the tartar

I stopped in a parking lot yesterday and saw two dead medium-sized goldfish. OK. Now there wasn't a pet store anywhere near. There wasn't any reason for them to be there. I could theorize only three possibilities.

1.) They were living display fish at a restaurant; now dead
2.) They were from someone's house; abandoned and dead
3.) Ill-chosen sushi completely unprepped

They could have fallen from the sky, but that's as likely as being pulled from a location to be in the sky. However possible, totally improbable.


French employees were irradiated, eh? The symptoms include wishy-washiness, poor government skills, and snobbery. It took a long while for the irradiation to be noticed.