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Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's clump

These two across the street were quite the cause of furious uproar with the dogs. They were not involved in the picture below, though my assessment might lead one to believe that.
What I thought was an owl pellet may not be. It had only one bone that I could see and no skull. I have to rule this out as an owl pellet. It had too little of mass to be fecal matter. It might have been hair ball (cat perhaps), with parts from birds and chipmunk. Cats will digest small bones.

few other odd sorts of photos

cicada molt in web. No, the spider didn't catch a cicada.
The doors made it clear that they wanted through the gate.

picnic table with bite

shot under trampoline
twisted and scratching

slow speed showing movement ... Cheyenne seemingly headless
You found old axe heads.

parasites from bird poop

Waterworld was a bad movie.