Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

another cartoon showing I'm old

If you know it ... you're old too.


Did they ever read this trash?
"And it came to pass" is used nearly as often as, "the".

Ramblings of a drunk and a boatload of people bought it.


simple entries

Addiction is easy? Job while getting treatment, 'child care' or 'cleaning and companionship'.

It's not what you think!

Let it up and take a puff . . . pass it to me now!

It was an inflatable hammer toy. When I later looked at it, well ... I thought I looked I was hearing the bong, bong, bong of bells.

Scariest book for teen girls

In the new Baby-Sitter's Club book, one girl re-examines McDonald's for employment. She meets the Dugger family with 19 kids. That $6 an hour job doesn't look so fun or neat. Betti begins twitching and her eye develops a tic, then she spends much of the day texting, "All work and no play makes Betti a dull girl."