Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Japan, you lost me

I don't think I will be visiting a county that is okee-dokee with murder, rape of corpse, cannibalism and idol-worship.

Issei Sagawa, now free and a pop idol who barely served time for murder and cannibalizing a Dutch student while he was in France. Should Japan = freaks? There's my WTF for the day!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Ted Haggard's Miso Horny Soup; traditional white or new extra chunky

Well earned, WTF

As you can see I was looking for ghost haunting (green highlight) when I found this.
"How to" and "style" coupled with rape?
How about we terminate this youtube poster right now

Feb 2nd

I am quite sick of Winter, thank you. I desire no more weeks of winter.

Trainer mode

It's like training wheels for games.

They called down to me, "pull over"

Have I read the manual for this thing? OK, OK. I pulled over. Geez! Can't a guy just get there at a little better pace?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I gots me sum money

IRS was laughing at my return.

Whoa, honey!

I think we need to reduce, reuse, recycle at this point. There's just too much junk in your trunk.

when, one time Scott got him drunk

He was capable of making no sense at all. This was circa 1989-1990. While he may very well have been correct, we will never know what he was thinking when he scrawled his message on the yellow pages. Thanks, Scott, for telling me this story.

+ this isn't the original page, of course

no reward

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

clever little game

This idea works, I tell you

Get up you lazy bones! I just need to put forth more effort into it. It will move forward, progress and you will see.

I'm seeing more and more of this man.

Hippy Taxes

H & R Block at Woodstock. There was much paperwork, mostly Peter found that these people didn't want to work for the man. Lacking paystubs, Peter set to work in 1969. Peter had larger problems. Not only was he the cleanest and best showered, he also was easier to pick out of a crowd than those he was helping.

On August 17th, he was able to find Edwin "Tabernacle" Frenze, having helped Frenze with his tax issues. Later on the same day, he found Guru Priest "Voodoo Daddy Ganges" Jesse Borrsman and friends Al "Cooper" Temple and Jack "I don't drink, man" Daniels. While serving few, Peter went down in history as one of H & R Blocks inovative and energetic CPAs.

God rest Peter Wilkins.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Where my money?

I filed my taxes, they were accepted. Now, where my money?

You can have this or you can have that

I got an email today from Voice Applied Customer Service. I didn't put myself on a "please pester" list, so I wondered what it was. So, I first googled the company matched with the word, "scam". I didn't found out much other than others asking the same question. I went to "Contact" link and found an interesting bit that might skip the casual observer.

While they have a toll free number, note the company advertising for phone, voice, customer service has toll free service for only five and a half hours. Does that sound legitimate? I'm thinking that a company billing itself as customer service, voice, phone with headset pictures and a Tom Cruise wannabe on the phone, ought to have at least eight hours of time allowed for phone calls.

If it appears to be too good, it might be. Chances are, they want your address to pester you more.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More advertisements!

Facebook or Place(your ad here)book?

A crumby commercial?

This is a professional sales and marketing position with the Western & Southern, a 120 year old, $47 billion financial services company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have consistently earned outstanding ratings available from the major financial ratings services - Standard & Poor's AA+ (second-highest of 9 ratings, and one of only 11 fleets in the world to hold this rating) for Extremely Strong financial security, Fitch's AA+ (second-highest of 12 ratings) for Exceptionally Strong capacity to meet policyholder and contract obligations, and A.M. Best's A++ (Superior-highest of 16 ratings) for financial strength, operating performance and market profile. For more information please feel free to visit our website at...

What does that have to do with a job interview? That was in an "I found your resume'" unsolicited email.

Duh, let's try a relly bad tag line instead

You hate working Mondays, right? Well, let's focus on that and work with me here. Let's turn that apathy into energy by selling, marketing, selling! Go, rah, hey, yes! Turn "no" into "yes" and "F**k you, you pestering annoying as **it ***hole **cker" into "Why, yes, I'd like more, please."

With multi-layered (not to be confused with multi-level) marketing, be like Shrek and onion or parfait. You work hard, get paid for it+ Cold call anyone in an area code. Are you comfortable with scaring elderly people with the fear of death and God into buying completely inapplicable things and decades-old deals? We have the (snow)job for you!

Send us your resume', cellphone number, SSN, DOB, and bank account and let's start making your money today.++

+ ensuring that the other thirty-five layers above you all get their cut
++ sardonic laugh sold separately

others have talents

While this robber "changed into a goat", I can merely change into the shape of water ... oh, wait. No. That's one of the Wonder Twins. I can turn into a pencil...
No. That's stupid too. I think when I shape change, I'll turn into a car! Wait, too eighties. That would make me a bad TV series. I got it! I'll turn into a stereo! Oh, no that won't work at all. I can turn into a cellphone, a TV, a . . .
ah, crud! You caught me! I can't turn into anything.

1 school thinks

It is better to be dead than well read. A family member will not have a contract renewed for teaching. Apparently that family member failed too many students who would otherwise endanger people if allowed to pass. Remember, in some schools, it's OK to be so-so or flunky when finishing your degree in medicine.

Go here

Cheaper, faster

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cheney says, "Go snow!"

The aliases of Dick Cheney

Inaugural Where's Waldo

Try pointing your camera right there!
I'll jump hop this fence, the officers don't mind at all.
Two halves don't make a whole.
Look here!
See other things neat to find.

The picture of 2 half people aren't the only slight errors here.

Friday, January 23, 2009

2 movies

They were weak, one was worthless and weak.

Resident Evil: Degeneration. It was an animated movie "based on" the Capcom games. It was predictably weak and poor. Even if you are an avid fan of the game and genre, get ready for disappointment.

Madagascar 2: Hmm. This was worthless and weak. While it had so much potential humor, some scenes were well thought, others -- yoikes, throw away! The little old cat-beating lady from New York skit, beaten like she would have her enemies. The thing it got right was being fairly short.

HP (Hell Performance)

I also, helped her daughter CK ... my bloody computer won’t recognize an iPod. It finds and knows everything else, but hates iPods so much, it won’t find them. If you remember or don’t, her youngest son Z spends most of the time with his father. He is “afraid” to meet me for fear of hurting his dad. I was at a Christian bookstore near TM’s house and the elementary school where he attends. He came in, smiled at me and walked out with a hot chocolate. He knows me by sight, but not ready to talk with me. Sad, I would like it.

It was a challenging day yesterday!

I went down Wednesday night to drive CK to a church meeting at a house. I finished dishes and met TM at the apartment. She got off early. We picked up CK, dropped off her at the apartment and TM had us try a restaurant there in WL. It was nice, but expensive.
She had the sushi there, it was good, but pricey. I had a salmon sandwich, which was chef cooking -- pink and fleshy in the center, cooked on the outside. She didn’t much care for that type of rarity. We had an early night and she was tired. She had crap’s worth of sleep -- she has restless leg syndrome. We had a good morning and did a few errands. She was proud of herself for not impulse buying some cute outfits.
She wanted to buy a computer online from either HP or Dell. I recommended HP. It appeared that was a mistake. The order didn’t go through for the billing address wasn’t entered exactly as it is on her check. They declined the shipment, but ... the hold for the money on the bank account stayed. They didn’t email a confirmation or any notice to her email. Bogus, right? Anyway, I suggested as it failed, that we check her bank account and her email. That’s when we found out.

4:31:48 PM TM
Initial Question/Comment: question on orders
4:32:04 PM System
Marie C has joined this session!
4:32:04 PM System
Connected with Marie C
4:32:16 PM TM
4:32:34 PM Marie C
Thank you for contacting HP Home & Home Office Store Chat.
4:32:48 PM Marie C
Hi, my name is Marie. How are you doing today?
4:34:19 PM Marie C
Are you still there, TM?
4:34:29 PM TM
I had some problems ordering my computer. It said it was declined for unknown resaons
4:34:44 PM Marie C
I am sorry to hear that.
4:34:52 PM TM
I have money in my account
4:35:16 PM Marie C
Let me go ahead and check on your order.
4:35:24 PM TM
i try’d earlier today and was declined due to my address
4:35:29 PM Marie C
May I have your order number?
4:35:30 PM TM
4:36:31 PM TM
There are several order numbers.
4:36:40 PM TM
4:36:50 PM TM
Let me explain the whole situation, please
4:37:09 PM TM
I made an order H#########
4:37:19 PM Marie C
4:37:39 PM TM
It was declined, the billing address wasn’t right. The session didn’t detail the error
4:38:03 PM TM
I repeated the order twice, and found that it held the money on my bank account for 2 and an attempted third order
4:38:25 PM TM
I called the Bank and HP to correct this matter and now my bank account is fixed and the correct amount
4:38:58 PM TM
I would like now to proceed with an order of the computer that I wanted, but I am still encountering a decline message
4:39:07 PM TM
The billing address has been corrected.
4:39:29 PM TM
Is the reason for the decline due to activity today and might I be able to make this order/purchase tomorrow?
4:39:54 PM Marie C
I truly understand how you are feeling right now, TM.
4:40:27 PM TM
If there is a way, I would like to try to make my purchase today, if possible.
4:41:29 PM Marie C
I’m sorry that you found it difficult to purchase from us. We actually do a lot of work here at HP to ensure that our customers don’t fall through the cracks. I’m just glad that I’m chatting with you now so that I can have that issue resolved.
4:42:22 PM TM
OK. Great! What do I need to do to get an order completed today with you Marie C?
4:42:30 PM Marie C
I’d like to recommend that you contact our Sales Support Team who can help you place this order. However, you will need to do this over the phone by calling us at 1-888-etc between 7:00 AM - 2:00 AM EST, Monday - Friday.
4:42:45 PM Marie C
Once you get in contact with a representative, please request to be transferred to our Sales Support Team who is dedicated to handle these matters.
4:43:10 PM Marie C
Please understand that you will undergo a brief verification process for security purposes. We truly appreciate you contacting us right away regarding this matter.
4:43:29 PM TM
Is there any other information that I need to have to complete this order other than this telephone number?
4:43:40 PM TM
I appreciate your help and assistance today.
4:44:20 PM Marie C
You just have to provide to them one of the order numbers you have.
4:44:26 PM TM
It has been a very frustrating process. It lead me to believe for a bit, that buying HP might not have been wise. Perhaps HP will work with me as nicely as you have.
4:44:45 PM Marie C
Like the H###.
4:45:05 PM Marie C
Yes, we will.
4:45:28 PM TM
Much appreciated Marie! I hope that you have a great day and I will try to call them to complete this purchase.
4:45:46 PM Marie C
I am glad.
4:45:59 PM TM
Have a good day!
2:48:25 PM TM
Initial Question/Comment: It indicated a problem and I re-submitted an order. I do not want 2 computers. Please help me with this situation.
2:48:30 PM System
Nancy has joined this session!
2:48:30 PM System
Connected with Nancy
2:48:34 PM Nancy
Thank you for contacting HP Home & Home Office Store Chat.
2:48:37 PM TM
Hello Nancy
2:48:40 PM Nancy
My name is Nancy.
2:48:46 PM TM
Could you help me with this problem
2:48:50 PM Nancy
Hello, TM.
2:49:10 PM Nancy
I understand that you have duplicate order, right?
2:49:16 PM TM
That is correct
2:49:20 PM Nancy
I apologize for the inconvenience. I will be happy to assist you with your concern.
2:49:50 PM Nancy
HP is committed to customer satisfaction. Let me go ahead and assist you with this.
2:49:55 PM Nancy
What is your order number?
2:50:19 PM TM
2:50:27 PM TM
I made purchase minutes ago
2:50:31 PM TM
2 purchases
2:50:35 PM Nancy
What is your email address?
2:50:48 PM TM
2:51:20 PM TM
do you need a mailing or billing address?
2:51:35 PM Nancy
What is your first and last name?
2:51:43 PM TM
2:52:25 PM Nancy
Thank you.
2:52:40 PM Nancy
Yes, it shows here that you have duplicate order.
2:53:05 PM Nancy
Your order numbers are H### and H###.
2:53:57 PM TM
okay, how do i delete one of those
2:54:25 PM Nancy
You need to call the HP Home & Home Office Sales Center directly at 1-888-etc between 7:00 AM - 2:00 AM EST, seven days a week so that we cab further assist you regarding the problem with your duplicate order.
2:54:57 PM TM
i only need one. It did not take to a screen with order numbers or shipping DATE
2:55:06 PM TM
UH. . . .unhappy
2:55:25 PM Nancy
I am sorry to know that.
2:55:50 PM Nancy
However, you really need to call them directly since we are not allowed to cancel orders.
2:56:10 PM Nancy
However, you can do that by calling the HP Home & Home Office Sales Center directly.
2:56:17 PM TM
It did NOT give confirmation notice or form.
2:56:21 PM TM
That is a major problem
2:56:31 PM TM
why don’t I see an order number in my email?
2:56:51 PM Nancy
Nancy pushes page,
2:57:11 PM Nancy
Please use this link to get the status of your order.
2:57:29 PM Nancy
I already forwarded you your order numbers.
2:57:38 PM TM
I’m afraid that that isn’t the point.
2:57:48 PM TM
I didn’t get order confirmation in my email
2:58:08 PM TM
Friends have made purchases before and they instantly got confirmation for purchases
2:58:14 PM TM
why not me?
2:58:51 PM Nancy
Just call them please.
2:58:58 PM TM
am calling them
2:59:11 PM Nancy
2:59:16 PM Nancy
Do you have any other questions that I can help you with? I want to make sure that I have completely addressed your concern today and are satisfied with my service.
2:59:52 PM TM
Why didn’t I get an email confirmation? Why didn’t an html confirmation code show? That is what I need to know.
3:00:06 PM TM
Presently I am speaking with them
3:00:29 PM TM
Could you also do me a favor and forward this conversation to my email?
3:00:56 PM TM
I will copy-paste this anyway, but would like it from HP
3:01:27 PM TM
3:02:21 PM TM
I am not making headway with them
3:02:31 PM System
Your agent has been disconnected from the system, you are now being transferred to your original queue. Please stand by...
3:02:31 PM System
Nancy has left this session!
3:03:36 PM System
Cathy D has joined this session!
3:03:36 PM System
Connected with Cathy D
3:03:44 PM Cathy D
Thank you for contacting HP Home & Home Office Store chat.
3:03:56 PM Cathy D
Hi! This is Cathy. How are you doing today?
3:04:37 PM TM
I am OK
3:04:49 PM TM
I have been having problems with a purchase, could you help me?
3:05:00 PM Cathy D
I am glad to know that, TM.
3:05:09 PM TM
I didn’t get a confirmation notice (html) or email
3:05:16 PM Cathy D
I will do my best to help you.
3:05:24 PM TM
I clicked on purchase again, I therefore have 2 purchases
3:05:38 PM TM
I am talking with Dell now, but I still don’t have confirmation emails
3:05:40 PM TM
Why not?
3:05:45 PM TM
coudl you send them to me?
3:05:54 PM TM
3:06:00 PM TM
3:06:09 PM TM
I made 2 purchases and needed only one
3:07:13 PM TM
3:07:36 PM Cathy D
Thank you for the information.
3:09:32 PM TM
I should of went with dell
3:09:46 PM Cathy D
I would like to verify, please correct me if I am wrong. Do you have two orders?
3:09:52 PM TM
3:10:14 PM TM
am on the phone now. not happy with this
3:10:50 PM TM
they said my order was declined due to address, my account is still doubled charged
3:11:31 PM Cathy D
Can you provide me the two order numbers, please?
3:11:52 PM TM
H### h###
3:12:26 PM Cathy D
Thank you.
3:12:36 PM Cathy D
Please give me a minute to check.
3:13:15 PM TM
thank you
3:16:56 PM System
Your agent has been disconnected from the system, you are now being transferred to your original queue. Please stand by...
3:16:57 PM System
Cathy D has left this session!
3:17:31 PM System
Joy has joined this session!
3:17:32 PM System
Connected with Joy
3:18:38 PM TM
hi joy
3:19:32 PM TM
could I get a confirmation number on two purchases today?
3:19:55 PM TM
I only wanted to buy one computer, but oops ... I never got the confirmation notice
3:20:00 PM Joy
Hi TM.
3:20:04 PM TM
3:20:18 PM TM
3:20:33 PM TM
BTW: you are the third person to chat with me
3:20:41 PM TM
whatever that means
3:20:52 PM Joy
I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
3:21:17 PM Joy
I understand that you want to know your order number, right?
3:21:42 PM TM
3:21:48 PM TM
I want you to email me
3:22:06 PM Joy
One moment please.
3:22:09 PM TM
I should have an email confirmation from HP with the purchase details
3:22:12 PM Joy
Let me pull up your profile.
3:22:42 PM Joy
Thank you for waiting.
3:22:49 PM TM
NO, and I mean NO company lets that slide. They send you a purchase sheet for a $5 order. This is nearly $2000. I SHOULD have an email
3:23:12 PM Joy
The reason why you haven’t got any confirmation number it is because you had encountered a problem when placing the order.
3:23:19 PM TM
3:23:20 PM Joy
The status is order decline.
3:23:27 PM TM
so I have been told
3:23:41 PM Joy
Please contact our Sales Center immediately to fix this issue.
3:23:50 PM TM
I have been billed for two computer and nether computer will arrive
3:23:57 PM Joy
They can be reach at 1-888-etc.
3:24:07 PM Joy
You were never billed.
3:24:07 PM TM
So, let me see. You won’t email me, but Dell will bill me twice
3:24:37 PM Joy
Charges were not actually made to your account by the HP Home & Home Office Sales Center. Your bank, however, did put a temporary hold on the available funds known as a pre-authorization. This is a banking standard practice, and unfortunately, out of the jurisdiction of the HP Home & Home Office Sales Center. The hold should be lifted from your account within the next few business days.
3:25:07 PM Joy
Please contact our Sales Center Immediately TM.
3:25:15 PM TM
OK. I understand.
3:26:07 PM Joy
Do you have any other questions that I can help you with? I want to make sure that I have completely addressed your concern today and are satisfied with my service.
3:26:08 PM Joy
Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
3:26:35 PM TM
I don’t think so.
3:26:45 PM Joy
Thank you once again for using HP Home & Home Office Store Chat. Please sign up for our award-winning bi-monthly e-newsletter which features the latest products and promotions for our store. Visit our website at:
3:26:50 PM TM
I would have to say that the purchasing experience online has not been a good one
3:27:15 PM TM
You really should get the email thing settled
3:27:20 PM TM
just FYI
3:27:30 PM TM
Consumer Reports will like reading my entry this month
3:28:07 PM Joy
TM, if the order has encountered a problem, you will not receive an notification email.
3:28:44 PM TM
3:28:58 PM Joy
You are welcome.
Session ID: 463925

Anyway, hours later we fixed the mess with the bank and HP fixed the billing address. There were too many declines on her account from HP that he couldn’t authorize the purchase. Later a woman from HP called and would finalize the sale on Friday.
Meanwhile, CK was at school, then off to a wrestling match (she’s a athletic trainer) and they left for Goshen, IN for a match. She lost her phone that she got on Monday. Pretty sharp, huh? We stayed in communication with her via her partner-in-crime, MS. TM was way-tired in the evening so I picked up the girls from HS at 10 pm and stayed the night to make sure that everyone was sound and healthy.
CK is a grouch in the morning and I offered three times to wake her, but she was “too tired” to go to school. I sent in the Mommy who had “new ways of motivating” her. Tiredness wasn’t an excuse to be used. I think she wanted results, not excuses.

+ conversation with HP, mix of TM and I. For the benefit of HP, I own one, the third round of fighting turned out better. They worked with her and I and tried hard to get the computer through. The telephone numbers, order numbers, webpages have been truncated or altered.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Dang broken monitor!
+ from iRobot
9 Below, a tale of Indiana's cold biting weather
a mix of 2 pictures from Disney's "Teacher's Are People"
They aren't twins, she is the same girl
Embarassing game show moment, however funny
courtesy of YouTube
Bart before there was one
Goofy teacher -- me
one too many drinks will get you trashed, really
Get Fuzzy, the text is original, the background is added.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aretha Franklin?

Who chose her? She has no lung capacity and so singing was a challenge to her. Yikes! The poem was something better read and not heard. While the speech was a bit long, there were notable moments and clear intentions. Overall, not bad.

I thought that George W. Bush, Sr. should have been encouraged to sit for he obviously was hurting, poor man.

It was also a shame they invited the former Vice Presidents. Al Gore, Dan Quayle, you could have opted out and stayed home, right?

simplified critique

Disaster Movie, lots of dumb, not enough funny. I guess the director didn't know when a scene went on too long. That was the bulk of it. twelve seconds would be fine, not twelve minutes. Imagine, if you will, Austin Powers peeing scene lasting longer than it did, twice as long. Would be it still be funny?

Mirrors, unoriginal. It had many borrowed ideas, a few borrowed scenes, stages, etc. You can't call it a new idea in sandwiches if this one is sandwich number one but now with salt and pepper.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I have been requested to do something. . .
My dear, sweet, love of my life has requested that I go back to school, get my credits to renew my license and teach again. "Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in again." My sister also thinks it's a good idea.

MR before had suggested that I do it. I suppose that if all the signs point in a direction, then maybe I ought to go in that direction. I don't think I will be teaching at FWCS, but I hope to wipe out the classes in Summer and teach in Fall somewhere.

May God have mercy on my soul.

+ picture composed of 2 scenes from, "We Don't Need No Education", and from Back to School

in bed with the enemy?

Draw your own conclusions here.
Iran controls oil, is manufacturing nuclear weapons . . .
here, watch Iran's president "who likes soccer" and his charismatic speeches. WTF?
Hey, either choose to dislike the evil man or like him -- not both.

Friday, January 16, 2009

What's the weather?

Unless you want frostbite, don't travel outside.
-13 F, feels like (something starting with "f") freezing. The sad thing is ... February is generally colder. Ouch!

with this gun, I make thee dead

old ad with a new script

job, secret

"1135 E. Elm", written on the back of a business card.
Where do you work?
I don't know.

motivational poster

Cold day in . . . Heck, here!

Aboite Christian School: Closed Today
Adams Central Community Schools: Closed Today
All God's Children Daycare Center: 2-Hour Delay
Antwerp Local Schools: Closed Today
Ayersville Local Schools: Closed Today
Berne Head Start: Closed Today
Bishop Dwenger High School: Closed Today
Bishop Luers High School: Closed Today
Blackford Baptist Academy: Closed Today
Blackford County Schools: Closed Today
Blackhawk Christian School: 2-Hour Delay
Bluffton Head Start: Closed Today
Bluffton-Harrison Metro Schools: Closed Today
Carnegie Public Library, Angola: opening at noon
Central Christian School: Closed Today; No evening activities
Central Lutheran School: Closed Today
Central Noble Schools: Closed Today
Children's House Montessori Academy: 2-Hour Delay
Churbusco Public Library: opening at 1pm today
City of Woodburn- Boil Advisory: Main Street and Becker Road
Concordia Theological Seminary: Closed Today
Covenant Christian School: Closed Today
Crestview Local Schools: Closed Today
Decatur Trash Pick-Up: Cancelled Friday, Will be picked up Monday
DeKalb Central Schools: Closed Today
DeKalb County Eastern Schools: Closed Today
East Allen County Schools: Closed Today
East Noble Community Schools: Closed Today
East Wayne Street Center: Closed Today
Eastbrook Community Schools-Marion: Closed Today
Edgerton Local Schools: Closed Today
Emmanuel Christian School-Wabash: Closed Today
Emmaus Lutheran School: Closed Today
Faith Christian Academy-Whitley Co.: Closed Today
Fort Wayne Community Schools: Closed Today
Fremont Community Schools: Closed Today
FW Lutheran Schools & Concordia H.S.: Closed Today
Garrett Keyser Butler Schools: Closed Today
Garrett Public Library: Closed Today
Good Shepherd Pre-School Winona Lake: Closed Today
Hamilton Community Schools: Closed Today
Harlan Christian School: Closed Today
Heartland Career Center: Closed Today
Hicksville Exempted Village Schools: Closed Today
Hope Montessori School: Closed Today
Huntington Beauty College: Closed Today
Huntington Bowen Center: Closed Today; Due to power outage
Huntington Community Schools: Closed Today
Huntington University: Closed Today
Imagine Schools: Closed Today
Jay School Corporation: Closed Today
Kendallville Library: Closed Today
Kendallville YMCA Preschool: Closed Today
Keystone Schools-Homestead: Closed Today
Keystone Schools-Laverne: Closed Today
King's Academy: Closed Today
Lakeland Christian Academy: Closed Today
Lakeland School Corporation: Closed Today
Lakewood Park Christian School: 2-Hour Delay
Legacy Academy: Closed Today
Lighthouse Learning Academy: Closed Today
Lincolnview Local Schools: Closed Today
Manchester Community Schools: Closed Today
Martin Luther King Montessori: 2-Hour Delay
Monarch Christian Academy: Closed Today
Montpelier Ex. Village Schools: Closed This Morning
MSD Wabash County: Closed Today
NE Ind. Special Education Coop-Systemwide: Closed Today
NE Indiana Special Ed. Coop-system wide: 2-Hour Delay, No AM Preschool
North Adams Community School: Closed Today
North Miami Community Schools: Closed Today
Northern Wells Community Schools: Closed Today
Northwest Allen County Schools: Closed Today
Oak Farm Montessori School: Closed Today
Oak Hill United Schools: Closed Today
Our Hope Lutheran School: Closed Today
Parc Lane Center & PC Workshop: Closed Today
Parkway Local Schools: Closed Today
Paulding Exempted Village Schools: Closed Today
Power Outage: Duke Energy Customers Affected in Huntington: Warming Station Opened at Salvation Army on E. Market St.
Prairie Heights Schools: Closed Today
Precious Angels Christian Daycare: Closed Today
Rise Incorporated: Closed Today
Road Conditions: 1-800-261-7623
Rudae's Beauty College: Closed Today
Smith-Green Community Schools: Closed Today
South Adams: Stardust Dance Postponed until Feb. 28th
South Adams Schools: Closed Today
Southern Wells Community Schools: Closed Today
Southwest Allen County Schools: Closed Today
St. Aloysius School: Closed Today
St. Bernard School-Wabash: Closed Today
St. John Lutheran School-Kendallville: Closed Today; No evening activities
St. Mark's Preschool - Decatur: Closed Today
St. Therese School: Closed Today
Thomas Edison School: Closed Today
Three Rivers Montessori School: Closed Today
Timothy L. Johnson Academy: Closed Today
Van Wert City Schools: Closed Today
Vantage Career Center: Closed Today
Wabash City Schools: Closed Today
Warsaw Christian School: Closed Today
Warsaw Community Schools: Closed Today
Wawasee Community Schools: Closed Today
Wayne Trace Local Schools: Closed Today
West Noble Schools: Closed Today
Whitko Community Schools: Closed Today
Whitley County Consolidated Schools: Closed Today
Willowbrook Day School: Closed Today
Zion Lutheran Academy: Closed Today

Did they miss any?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

today's weather ... ouch!

It bites your butt!
I was outside for only a few minutes and my face, ears, nose hurt. Skip all that!

Face cut is the deepest

I got my hair cut and while there the beautician decided to trim up my eyebrows. That's a wonderful service. I got a surprise when I found that I have now 3 eyebrows. She trimmed a bit much and I have what looks like 3 eyebrows. My eyebrows will eventually grow to be only two.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

exit interview

I got a call today for an exit interview ... that was 6 weeks after my job ended. Where's the fire? I imagined in another way, a man ready to fire people and Dr. Evil letting me know that it is an "exit interview"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

another cartoon showing I'm old

If you know it ... you're old too.


Did they ever read this trash?
"And it came to pass" is used nearly as often as, "the".

Ramblings of a drunk and a boatload of people bought it.


simple entries

Addiction is easy? Job while getting treatment, 'child care' or 'cleaning and companionship'.

It's not what you think!

Let it up and take a puff . . . pass it to me now!

It was an inflatable hammer toy. When I later looked at it, well ... I thought I looked I was hearing the bong, bong, bong of bells.

Scariest book for teen girls

In the new Baby-Sitter's Club book, one girl re-examines McDonald's for employment. She meets the Dugger family with 19 kids. That $6 an hour job doesn't look so fun or neat. Betti begins twitching and her eye develops a tic, then she spends much of the day texting, "All work and no play makes Betti a dull girl."

Monday, January 12, 2009

only one

There is but one of her

Thankfully she doesn't mind me sometimes wearing my OMG (G is for 'golly') jeans which appears to show my job as a denim destroyer. If there is a muddy, thorn-covered path, I will take it.

If there is an obstacle, I will find a way.
She inspires me and recently reminded me of what I should be doing,
what I was told I should do
that will take some thinking and hard work

Thank you my one true love Tawnya!
Our hearts are one, our lives are two, but eventually will be one.

Gagged, you're it

Dating site reminds me of Tone Loc:

"I thought I'd try my luck on the 'Love Connection'." "I asked the audience and you know they picked a winner."+

"Yikes. Yikes; Yikes! Hate your hair. Oh, let me guess ... you have a great personality."++

I'm not looking, but rather I got this because I accepted an invite to the social networking from my niece. Beware Romulans bearing gifts. If I were "in the market", Alishia would get my notice. She's local, you know ... 722 miles away.

+ Funky Cold Medina
++ Emperor's New Groove

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hairy to Herry

I once held the dubious name of Hairy Monster. Here's Sesame Street's Herry Monster.

bad day to cross the border

Hey, if you are reading this hours before skipping the political line to the US, be warned ... the US might just shoot and not deport. It might be "open season" on anyone from the border. You better brush up on your English and leave your Spanglish at the door.

Schutts dem. Schutts dem both

A sad event today . . . "celebrities" named their child. The child born is great -- his name is as bad and as idiotically foolish as the genetic donors: Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha

applause from one shark

So, some darned fools packed together to protect an old lobster! I am sure as he was gobbled up quickly by a shark, he thanks PETA for protecting this noble, delicious heavy lobster which was one of twenty things he ate that day.

Uh, twenty-pound lobster, not likely to see twenty one I would guess, or by corollary 140 year-old not going to see 141.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Reviewing Christmas NewYear 2008

Betty didn't join us this year as she normally does and we all have many people whom we miss dearly. We were granted great traveling weather for the day. Tawnya and three of her kids, Justin, Simone, Cheree came up and met us at Diane's. We ate lots, opened gifts, but then they had to leave for the day. Tawnya confessed to me that her later Christmas at her family's, it wasn't without problems.

Debbie and family came up after their vacation in TN. That is a story Debbie and Ana can write/type about on their blogs. Beth and Tom came up and we had a good time. Tawnya had to work and I left to pick up her in Warsaw. Her kids had other plans.

Tawnya and the rest of the family celebrated New Year then she and I took off for Jeffy's. I hadn't been out to Jeffy's new house. Keith and Jeffy were guiding us there when Keith directed us to the street to "you can't miss it". There was Keith bent over in the street. It was too cold to moon us with undies or skin so we lucked out there.

It was wounded down by time we got there. Lucas, however, was the Speedy Devil Gonzales running around in w whirlwind. The kids were playing Wii. Jessica was out -- out like surgery thanks to Keith who filled her with alcohol.

Kayla had a "great" idea of having her boyfriend spend the night in her room on the aerobed. Jeffy didn't agree and so -- wasn't gonna happen. Tawnya and I drove back to Warsaw, slept little and returned to Fort Wayne in the morning. We both considered skipping out on the day and not going, but we did. We were two of six people awake at that time. We stayed longer then went back to Warsaw.

Whipped, tired, exhausted we both slept. I got back to Fort Wayne and spent some more time with family before they buggered out.

Christmas & New Year 2008 (6 of many)