Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Friday, December 05, 2008


If your cellmate's **** doesn't fit, he will won't quit.
Merry beatings and mistreatments O J Simpson, this season and all year long.

things you don't want to see in a restroom

The drain holes make a shape of ... aw, man!
"cute" tiles and a reminder of what the device is.

I grew up in a neighborhood so tough

even the Christmas display houses had broken windows. sloppy photo taken at a drug store.

playing virtual psychiatrist

This second part is really it's response to me talking about farting.

E 14 F

I have an indicator on my car showing direction and temperature.

I will argue that the F doesn't refer to Fahrenheit, but something more profain.When I am cold, I'll warm up with this. This picture courtesy of Cerpicio who is still a prisoner of the Sacristy.

3 for the price of 3

I got to see a choir concert (love of my life's daughter) on Tuesday, teach parallel parking. On Wednesday, my niece turned 21, but doesn't like the taste of alcohol. That's good for her. Thursday, I drove with the love of my life to see her daughter baptized. It was held in a youth-oriented church center. Summarized: church for kids.

It was a long trip there and back. 5 hours each way doesn't sound bad until you drive it. I-70 was very boring.

Google suggested 30 to 69 to 465, that was right. It was WAY OFF with suggesting 70 through Indy. That was congested and wasteful. We avoided that on the trip back. Sadly, there was a slow state patrol car slowing everyone down. We finished our trip at 2 am. We were tired.

We were hard-pressed to find a place to change, however the church had large restrooms and we changed there. Thank God for that!

It's a good thing I don't miss sleeping.