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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


I applied to the county to work as a corrections officer.  While I made it through a couple of steps in the process, I was not selected to continue.  When I saw the jail from the inside, I am confirmed that many should do this, it looks grim and boring and enough to drive a sane man nuts.  I saw many closet-sized rooms facing a common room which was for all meals and sitting.  There was a single TV with the weather channel playing.  The scant windows there were frosted so that only a small portion showed the true outside world, sadly facing more brick.  An interesting question I was asked in the interview was, "have you ever been in a fight".  I guess my avoidance of physical fights was not helpful in this adventure, as physical fights are common in the jail, understandable as there are lots of people in close quarters for 16 - 18 hours daily.  I am sure tensions run high.

Still, the experience was well worth it and I can attest that the officers there have a very tense, disturbing job for which they are not likely given the appreciation.  I was reminded of the Drill Sergent in Full Metal Jacket having the platoon sing happy birthday dear Jesus, when the corporal said he sang something of the kind on one Christmas including the term, "lockdown".

For any officer who reads this, already I appreciated police for their many efforts, often given snide attitudes when upholding the law.  Know now that I understand even more the trials and challenges that you endure protecting inmates from themselves and each other daily, throughout the year.

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