Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

random stupid thoughts

I got a job as an imaginary estate agent. I don't have any clients yet.

I was asked my favorite position and I said, "fetal". Later on I found out they have an understood context that my response didn't answer.

I went to the unemployment office and am eligible for re-employment. Well, I already knew that.

I was angered when I saw my investment form ... I got a statement showing my 401 negative K. It was 401 Special K, but that was a lie too.

Monday, June 22, 2009

reminder of how weak you are

Tawnya got a puppy on Sunday. He was a cute little puppy who "didn't like men". Well, he took a liking to me and would follow me wherever I went. He wrestled with me, suckled on my arm and snuggled next to me.

That was Sunday, Monday, and part of Tuesday.

On Wednesday, his previously unrecognized parvo took a toll on him and he had to be put down.

It reminded me that we come into the world weak, and only with love, security, and luck do we survive any length of time.

Goodnight Scooby!


Dad chopped down some limbs and branches from the sickly front tree. He didn't notice but I found a paper wasp nest. I showed Morgan, the little girl next door. She thought the larvae squirming around were funny. I suppose so. I usually don't harm things, including insects, but I know from experience that wasps can be aggressive and protect nests. Kids, especially, pay the price for the wasps' aggression. I sprayed the hive after I took the photo.


I haven't written in a bit.

I am a bit beaten and feeling rundown. I look at the screen and have typers' block. I may soon write again. Maybe that and walking will make me feel like a person again.

planned to fail?

Maybe they should have someone edit their work.

Monday, June 08, 2009


I got poison ivy and after the Calamine lotion, I look like a worker from a whale-semen collection facility. My arms are whitish pink with streaks rather like I shielded myself from a high-velocity discharge.

To add to it, my one section was leaking like an old radiator. Whoo! I suggest against getting poison ivy. I didn't really itch that much, but boy was it gross.

I have some medicine (anti-biotics) that should clear up my ivy and my body's reaction.