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Monday, August 04, 2008

Darn it!

Well, I am glad that he is predicted to recover well. I am not much of a Hollywood crowd fan, but I like Morgan Freeman. What misfortune, but again he is going to recover.

Straits Talk

Iran threatens the Straits of Hormuz. Well, it response to Iran's boast to destroy the Straits, hurting Iraq and Qatar, I purpose a counter suggestion to Iran.

Not me, but for me

M: road; T: 930 - 8; W: 5 - 10; R: 2- 10; F: 4 - 11; S: ----; N: 5 - end; M: 5 - end

Hey! This is something Texas does right!

It has crazy laws, gun laws, has whack-job religious sects, but every now and then it gets something right. Texas hold 'em, legals and illegals face execution for murder. That's good. He was here since age three, murdered people and the "World Court" has a problem with a convicted murderer from being executed.

Here's the flop

Oo! It looks like Texas has a full house. That's be tough to beat.