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Sunday, July 13, 2008


For those who aren't afraid of more meat on their buns.

pulled off center

This shows how bad the alignment was. We returned the vehicle for one that was "better". The first one also made the sound of grinding metal. Wonderful!

Charlie's pain

Well, Charlie had a nagging pain. Lori and Keith thought it might be a low-tolerance issue to a minor problem. Upon further looking, he has a new molar just bursting to come out. Well, literally, not figuratively.

Marcus, by chance alone, had some oragel-like ointment and he was much relieved with the deadening of nerves from the aching tooth.

Charlie has new teeth -- ah, the days go by and he grows older, as do we all.

Privately preparing

Attention! Present arms!
Charlie at G.I. Joe's in FW. I got this via cell phone

What a great shot

I wish it had been my shot, but alas ... anyway, it is rude, funny, silly. You could promptly say or type the obvious, but I think it stands on its own.

another bit of child art

My niece's art to her mom that my sister didn't immediately get.

Jedi fight

Charlie tries to wipe out the more powerful Jedi ... his father.

Further evidence that California should not be a state

San Diego Charter School (Helix High School) hires only the finest horniest teachers available.
They "might" lose their charter.