Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

stuff that the local birds don't eat

I don't know why. Nope, not tomatoes.

rummage sale

A friend is in a bit of a "pickle", so she is doing a rummage sale. This is a sample of her nephew's stuff she is planning on selling next week. Granted, she isn't in FW, but I plan to help her sell if she'll let me. Need toys or child things for a boy? It's all gotta go!

It's a carnival

My friend's son on dragon ride.

pictures of stuff you don't know

Now, what are they?

what people will buy

Look, it's BS, but it's new and improved BS. We'll take all you got.

tick tock

The mouth parts are still there, as you will note. This is a picture of it recently removed still alive. It was found on his chest.
My father got a tick, but from where? Here she is ... glutton tick.
Another question is, what kind of tick is it?
There's one brood of ticks that won't be.

I packed it in napkin, coated with alcohol, ignited it.
This was a funeral pyre of one for no one.