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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

invitation to abusers

So, let me check this off here. You are going to pay adults with minimum education, minimum pay for the privilege of working with difficult children. The employee might have to use tactics and restraints on the children. Huh. I wonder if there will be some child abusers or pedophiles apply for this job well-suited for them.

I wonder. I wonder if this place PAID better for MORE QUALIFIED applicants if the place might be better. I suspect arrests and lawsuits in the future for this company. Despite its history of 125 years as listed, I wonder how many times they get lucky enough to find a financially well-off person will to dedicate her/his life to this noble cause. I'm guessing few.

In return, you get children who need security and stability, while the qualifications and pay ensure high turnover rates. Bad, bad, bad idea. [Bop on the nose with the newspaper]

cell leader?