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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Simple photos

The last several days I have been helping my sister work on her house. I am exhausted and stiff. The good news is that I helping her and that I have learned how to do things and how not to do things.

Don't have cell phone and keys in pocket around outlets or lights (grounding issue)
Ignore what should be and find out what is -- measure, measure, measure
Don't collect more than you are willing to pack up and move to another house -- EVER
I am better at drywalling
I now have limited experience with a power painter
Be sure to allow time for projects and contract out difficult and large projects
Rest. The work will most likely kill you in the morning.


With all the wood (fuel) that was there, I didn't need an accelerant. It got so hot, I could easily feel the heat 30' away. If you will not the one picture shows the thermal change in light transmission or the mirage effect.

Monday & Tuesday ceiling and priming

My niece was retiring for the night -- somewhat. Behind her is another section primed this afternoon. She volunteered to help and wanted the "largest section". She did the "blue room". Lilly is always a "big" help. She bears a white line on her side.
My niecewas a help today, so thank you!
She also got a section near the steps that I had missed entirely.
These are very thin slats (lattice) that will hide seams in the office.
This is part of the office. The ceiling tiles were quite heavy to support single-handed. My sister held it and I fought with the screws to get it into place. Yeah! I cursed the times the screws fought me and won.
We left the one tile drooping. There is a problem that my brother-in-law will resolve. We don't want to put a screw in the water line, so he can find it.
There is another section, which requires the removal of the light in order to install the ceiling. We didn't take the time to do this tonight.
When cutting the tiles at night last night, I accidentally sliced through the table. Thankfully it can be helped and fixed, albeit with an ugly hint, wood glue.
These are ceiling tiles that are roughly dense cardboard like the old clipboards. They are not too heavy, until you have to support them over your head.