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Friday, March 06, 2009

Comcast ... pending

Well, for TM's sake, Comcast is really trying. I will hold off on the glowing remarks until the system shows stability, but so far Comcast, as a company shows they they do indeed care and have been contacting TM and I about the issue.

Comcast, if it works, I will certianly recognize your efforts.

Day of pets

"Cheyenne" after a visit to the doctor's
in this photo she is still laboring under the haze of sedatives

LC called me to let me know of a downturn for her beloved Cheyenne who has a severe infection. Cheyenne was discharged from the VET with antibiotics. There are many infected lumps about her body. What wasn't clear was if they were cancer or another infection.

The vets took biopsies of the material and will contact LC and KC when they have the results. Poor girl!

I also got a chance to meet up with a couple of local cats. The one I call "pretty kitty" who is silly and people-friendly. She will meow to get attention and will rub against you. She has taken to playing with me as of late. After a very short time of "lovies" she will grasp my hand and play. She won't fully bite down, so she is playing. Odd she feels for comfortable. Later, her stark-white friend came by.

The white cat is quite skittish, but on this night, she was more willing to be pet. I had to go to pick up C from a friend's house. There I expected two be pounced by two dogs -- one large lab and the other a spunky little breed. Nope, they were in the house.

When the door was opened, they came outside and greeted me. When I opened the car door -- pop, in went the larger old lab. The silly old man wanted a ride. The little, lighter one was easier to retrieve from the car, but the old man didn't want to get out. He was like a stubborn old mule.

You could pull, push, beg him. He didn't budge. He wanted a road trip. After much hauling, his girl human successfully got him out of the car. Treats interested him only to the point of wanting them in the car. They didn't motivate him to leave the car.

I ended up feeling worried about Cheyenne and was tempted into smiling with the other animals who just needed love.


While it might be scoffed, challenged, debunked, I am listening to an audio CD of Silvia Brown's Phenomenon. It starts as a glossary of terms, explaining meanings. It is interesting to listen to her work. While I intend to read more of her work, I like how she starts off. She believes in many things including astral projection, spirit guides and much more, all the while also reminding the reader/listener that there is one true God and Jesus Christ. Her books clearly are positive and an effort to reach people who really are in need of answers.

Anyway, good work so far.