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Friday, February 13, 2009

OK, I'm a bit of a whiner

I am a poo-poo head. Thanks to "Star Wars: Lost Hope" for the original picture. This is Anikan, but I think I'm a bit more of a whiner today.


Minute after minute, hour after hour, I ain'ts got no will, my tummy gots da power! Wow, watch Notorious and experience the many deadly sins.
Greed (repeat)
Gluttony (repeat ten times)
Throw in envy, pride and lust.

"... your [sandwich ate] up in a Brooklyn basement"
"escargot, my butt go unquickly, not swiftly"
"chew run, run, run, a chew gum gum"

Biggie, biggie, biggie can't you see the way eat dun terrify me
I just hate those cheap hot wings days ...
Guess that's why yo iz fat, eatin' tweny-four hour dayz

If you ever read his lyrics ... surprised he lived as long as he did.

to get the truth

Some agents might have a way to obtain the truth from Blagojevich. We just need to approach this from another angle. This will record everything that he does.

smokin' on

Phelps, nice work. OK, he probably writes better than he speaks, but ... POT is a hell of a drug.

enough with the shock vids, please

I don't know what I was searching on YouTube, but there were reactions to 2 guys 1 horse. It was obvious from the title what would likely happen. Thankfully the horse was not assaulted during the video. Overall, it wasn't the most graphic video, but it was gross.

In the end, I suppose that I would have to ask, "Why? Why film it?" It might be important to note that the background guy wasn't "biologically interested" at the time of the event. You would think that if you were going to do that, you might be keen on the operation, right?

With this, I believe that I can safely type that the genre should be completely dead, please.


My car wouldn't start. Oh, man! I called the shop and they predicted, not seeing the car, that it was the starter and it would be around $200. Ouch! I had to call a tow truck to get it there.

I cannot overstate this: "GET an AAA Chicago Motor Club Membership". I have gone through a lot of miles with two cars breaking down.

The tow driver pulled the car up the ramp and popped my tire. The company, likely later the driver, then is responsible for getting me a new tire. I got to the shop late and the owner had a critical question: "Is that a 2.7 [liter engine]?" He reported that the 2.7L engines were junk and he had lots of them sitting, broken, unusable. Thankfully, I have a 3.2L, which is "less of a problem".


late entry for birthday

Joshua, according to Jeff, chose Biaggi's for his birthday dinner.