Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

out of my tired head

"To be, or not to be. That is the question!"

"To crush the enemies. To see them driven before you. To hear the lamentation of the women."
"That's very good Conan, but were talking about Shakespeare."

"Enough talk!" [knife throw]
Class dismissed. "Man, I love being in the same class as Conan."

Actually, it turned out that Conan wasn't getting a "B"s after all, he was a "C" student.

skip the bullet, just blue sky

Did U2 enjoy the sun and weather today?

simple to do

Leave open shutter on camera, shine light in designated area, close shutter. Viola! If you are careful with your "light painting" you can get a perceivable shape. Sadly, this isn't clear at all. Come to think of it, my blog isn't clear either. It fits!

I won this game

Not a big deal, but interesting.
My callous disregard for human life as a parasite is sickening, I know.

I got an idea to spice up things!

How could this island be scarier? We got the black cloud, the polar bears, the sharks, the group of armed others. The island won't let us leave. How, and I mean how could it get worse?


What's that sound.

Oh, snap! Slow-moving humanoid alien dinosaurs with crystal technology. Sleestak here?

Season 5, Land of the Lost.

two January holidays

01/07/08: Special personal day. On this day I was refreshed and healed.

01/14/97: It took a long while to get it.

I was looking through a mess load of old paperwork. I found tax forms from 1995, oh my did I need those--not! I came across a tattered envelope. I was startled with the contents. I found the crap reminding me that I was an even bigger dumbass fool! Yep, papers tied to "X". I pulled out the date that I wanted... when the judge signed papers. That day "w" became "x".

Of the two, I favor celebrating the seventh.

good name for her

Her name is that? Huh, I don't think that is wholly accurate.
The picture on her left is, well, not "captivating" and she isn't "21"