Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hey, ladies

Get funky!

Thank you ladies for a great lunch! What a peculiar day all around.
I got to meet my lady friends at a strip club. They were celebrating their promotions. They each got a table dance and they splurged and got me one.

Hmm. It will be a day going down in infamy.
Here, one woman is pushing out her breasts to make sure that you notice them.

Congratulations ladies! I cannot help but be honored.

Keith's "wonderful" regifting

Here is Jeffy's back and butt. If you own a cell phone with picture messaging, you might get this. It will be "bigger" than Rick Rolling. Jeffy should be so proud.

"You got azz'd" or something like that.
"He got yo back (side)?"

pumping out my pay

I have to pay at the pump, but I can't spend more than $50 with Visa or $75 on Mastercard. So if they prices go higher, you guarantee that people can't fill up their tanks because of this rule. Uh, that will need an update, me thinks.

after the storm

How I spent a couple of hours

My sister called me for advice and help. She needed the help.
Look, a missing wall. Ta-da!
A leaky pipe saturated and rotted the insulation, drywall, 2x4 s support beams, wood paneling. It was a mess.
The cement walls will have to be treated.

I used to do a little

but a little wouldn't do it, so a little got more and more. I just keep tryin' to stay lively when I need to, so that I don't fall dead on the floor. Coffee beans are OK, and not fattening. It's the hundred grams of sugar, milk, syrups and the like that make coffee a questionable choice. I drink mine black+ with sugar.

+ "Like I like my men", from Airplane spoken by an upper-class child. I don't do men, so I included this just to beat someone else to the punch (line)

detain their rights

The terrorists want to disrupt our way of life, right?
They are generally more interested in blowing up each other, right?
So when we take the detainees, we feed them more than they would get under their military, give them many comforts that they don't have, and then the government that are battling (United States) has so many lawyers, they get one of those too?

OK. If you are a lawyer, want to represent a detainee, go ahead, but ... you are then required by become a citizen of that detainee's country. If you don't like that policy, then stop being a lawyer.

That is beyond fudged up! What a crock of bullcrap! I don''t mind the citizens obtaining lawyers, but they are NOT being held by a civil court ... it is a military issue of a foreign fighter who likely killed more of his own countrymen than US soldiers. The fact that he might have info on more important targets superceeds rights in this case which may not be the Bill of Rights offered to US citizens in a US court of law.

ACLU, Jessie Jackson strong. Where we often pick the wrong battle so that we aren't forgotten. Clearly this armed robber was not given proper service at McDonald's while robbing it, because his is black. Then, they clearly chose a colder, older hamburger to give him as he fled the scene, knocking over an elderly couple. These are clearly racially motivated crimes against this four-time felon.

Mahkis, you come over and play with me?

I, of course went over to play with Charlie. Charlie had a bit of a long day. He wasn't awake for long.

Hulk (was a) Smash!

It beat the loose-fitting pants off the first one. It was a little better than OK with hints about Hulk if you liked the character:

Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, ending theme to TV series, purple pants and more.

I would suggest if you like CGI hero movies, watch this one.

helping my sister move was hell

She grabbed me early, kept me late and wasn't organized or prepared. I should have known, but I got surprised by it. There wasn't enough moved out of the house/garage to make a measurable difference. In the course of the day I was nearly struck twice by people. I thought the 17' U-Haul was pretty visible, but apparently not.

To add to the mix, trains and difficult turns and my sister scheduling a flooring inspector on the same day. I guess I just don't get the lack of timing. I love family, but the disorganization and lack of punctuality is a bit much for me. It finished a day after a night of 2 hours sleep, not in a row.

She didn't move the whole house, just some stuff to storage, some to Salvation Army.

! I forgot. The U-Haul was foul smelling from cigarettes. It made for a long smelly ride.

Not what I would call a prime fishing area

I drove by 80/20, Inc. on the way back from Warsaw and saw two flakes fishing at the water hole beside the building. To be fair, I don't know that there aren't fish there, but I doubt they would stock the small pond. I wonder where Phil and Ted went on their break?

watch what you do around kids

"Yeah. It was like Uncle Bob. Yeah, he was drinking and he like walked" [Emma proceeds to walk towards the house, bump her head squarely on the forehead and fall down on her rump then rolls onto her back. She doesn't cry, she was imitating what Uncle Bob did], "and then boof, then he fell down."

Yep, you don't want Uncle Bob stories about you floating around, haunting you.