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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Expanding a prayer list

Well, I had found that I have lost my faith in God then found it. These weeks with job hunting has made me loathe my not-so-biblical Job existence. I am not Job. Job was a good, God-loving, faithful man who did not lose faith. I am weaker, meaner, generally faithless. Still, God kept reminding me that God existed. Here, there, everywhere. I got the message. I must have included the, "show me statement". I still need cash now.

I think I might have an understanding as to why I must wait, but I don't like it. In fact, I passionately hate it!

In the prayers for Carrie and her job search, Dave and his job search, I request anyone who does pray ...

my friend is going through a tough time and needs strength to make it through ... support from people all around. Her name is Tawnya and the next month will be wicked and tiring.

A previous manager is leaving soon for Iran. Pray that he gets there and back safely, unsullied by the politics of the many faiths and faithless.

Thanks God! That's again I know you saved me. Heaven will hold a mighty bill. Perhaps my job will be to go back and help others "keep the faith, kid."


Anderson job has potential for greater growth, expansion.

Still don't know what to do.

All consuming

I have spent the last many days dedicated to reading hundreds of job positions, applying to many places, setting up accounts to apply and have had a few interviews.

I got good and bad news.

I was offered an online tutoring job, but it doesn't start for a couple of weeks -- ergo, still no money.
I had a great interview today in Anderson (90 minutes away): it has a several week, lower-paying training all the while how to find a way to drive from an Indy location (family) there or commute from FW or find a super-cheap hotel there. The good news, "We think that you are over-qualified, but believe that you will pursue a management position after training." The training is afternoon ending at midnight. Long night drive.

The good news, I have only to submit my paperwork for another FW tutoring job (requires travel), but is local. Sad news, not sure how frequent the work will be.

So, do I take the sure thing, lower-paying for now Anderson job, while waiting for the FW tutoring to start? The cheapest hotel I found doesn't have internet at all. The cheapest internet hotel is about the same distance (4 miles) from work, but is quite a bit more expensive. I mention this for I could still do the FW tutoring online with my Anderson job.

When training is done, my schedule is 4 days weekly.

Bills are overdue and I am out of cash, money.

Another bit of good news, a great friend is turning around my great friend's life. My great friend has new found strength with friends and loved ones and boldly moved on to another stage in my great friend's journey of life. It is a tough journey for my great friend, but my great friend will make it!

In spare moments when not reading pages upon pages of posts, I took a few pictures. Sometime when I am unwound I will post them, remarking what they are.