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Saturday, August 02, 2008

They hates it all!

I really don't care for either of these guys. I was looking for something else. While I disagree with the title of the video, I found it interesting how these two, "friends" could be so completely poor listeners.
Two angry men spit, hiss, yell.

So, was the point made? I suppose both made their points, but wow! Dem's angry words my friend.
While I don't like Geraldo, I have to mention that he was at least more civil than Bill.

earn degree, not respect

and the felons kept coming and coming and coming and coming and coming. OK, that's rude, but join the force to
enforce the law, not to get respect from the neighbors.

Strange stats indeed

search: dead + raccoon
"Most peculiar Mamma!"+

+ John Lennon

Son of a glitch!

I tried to duplicate what MR's issues were. Boom! My IE exploded, so ... I killed my computer. In the end, I am thinking it is IE (Internet Explorer aka Intelligence Excluded). Boy! Yep, I don't know about sitemeter, but IE really blew up completely!

Thankfully, while Firefox can sometimes get picky, it doesn't do that! I sometime will try Safari as did MR.