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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

not pampered in the least

There is a dog, while old and need of support sometimes for his weak legs, is granted an unusual diet. He has dinner prepared for him, but not just any meal. He won't eat kibble, oh no. He requires special food. His humans make him food that has to taste like people food. He even gets picky about the spices. It has to smell and taste like people food, so it gets a bit of spices too.

not in the slightest

grin says it again

Joshua's birthday cake grin

It works

I have tried many anti-antiperspirants. Mostly, they keep my less-stinky but I still sweat. This stuff actually works for a long, long, long time. I put some on and the next morning it was still there, keeping the shower's water off my skin. If you sweat strong, try this -- it's stronger. Man! It isn't too much more per ounce than other Old Spice.

Bill too high

A family member got a phone bill. It was $1250.43. Can you say or scream, "AAGGGGHHH!!"? Good golly. Well, they went over minutes, on a large scale. At 40 cents per minutes, that added up quickly. Well, the bill-handling family member got frantic and called the phone company and tried to lower that thing to real numbers. Oh, boy!