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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

glad for the visit

My friend saw me last week. I was thankful to meet and talk with her.
Two hours was better than no time at all.
Thank you!

Out or in?

darn doggie
Rainbow from blades colored blue, red, yellow, green.


MR might contend this shows the dems are in the dark.


I'll just take this great close up shot for the magazine ...
perfect shot into nothing
handle goes on other end

young swimmer

My friend's nephew apparently liked being thrown more than swimming. Luis, pretty happy with his aunt. Pool privileges courtesy of A.A.

new carpet

Please let me know if you can see a seam in the carpet. There is a seam in this picture, but it isn't clear. I was pretty happy with it. I was wondering how happy Walker would have been with the work done.

If you ever watched the old Johnny Quest . . .

You will know this as the energy beast.

lit sky

Happy Fourth of July, our country. U S A!!!

in but not by me

I tried shooting, but I miss well. I miss exceedingly well, but my nephew gets baskets exceedingly well. Well done so many times, Dave.

job listing