Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

conspiracy, easy to find

It had to be September 11th, don't you see? It was all planned you see.


Event them Bleepers
Bee Helmets Prevent
Then Peeves tremble
Pee seventh; tremble
Seventh Temple Beer
Vent them, be sleeper
Shelter even be temp
Them bee never slept
Even them be respelt
Beepers melt vent, eh?
Vent, Mel pee sherbet

I just used the malarky code on a book and found out secrets to upcoming events. I won't type them until I am right, otherwise it would be shown to be false.

summer crawlers

I thought of Dr. Seuss' book on Wheels and Go, Go, Go.

Thanks for all the fish

It's the only way you might get this. HGTG

going on a small mission

I will need guns, lots of guns.
Bad guys and bad guys as far as the eye can see.
When I go, I go and a good man doesn't.