Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Friday, December 12, 2008

bad minded

Naughty, nice . . .
all get spanks, all get gifts
each of them wants something different for Christmas

Christmas 7

woof woof woof meow meow meow

of Cheree

She sang . . . her voice among many, delighting all with a chance to see her interest peaked and her talent peeked.

I'm old and I remember this

Freddy Freaker

For Simone

Santa has fallen and he can't get up? Penguins to the rescue!

Tongue towel Tandem

Kung-Fu Panda. It wasn't a great movie, but it was worth watching once. Sometime later I will watch it again. It has a thirty-something percent re-watchability factor. There were a good effects and not crude humor as common as it was in Shrek. Most kids would wear out the DVD player on this movie.

Spoiler -- his fat protecting him from secret punches, quite funny.

Whoa, let me rephrase that!

Not working hard -- hardly working.

I have taken certain liberties.

Christmas 6

From all of them to all of you

no lower pay

just no jobs

So the UAW doesn't want to lower pay or sacrifice anything. Huh, go figure! I am thinking that if cumupance works -- jobs will be lost and the UAW will about fold.

So, here's to you oh backward UAW -- may you rest well knowing that you might ensure the failure of the auto industry as well as yourself. Salut!