Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I was driving yesterday and there was some fool with his Christmas tree in the back of his S-10. Of course it is important to accelerate from 10 mph to 50 mph to travel 2.4 blocks to the gas station. In doing this, the tree left his truck bed and met the road in front of me. I wasn't tailgating or matching his speed so I had no trouble avoiding the fallen tree. The schmuck didn't seem to realize or care that he was "treeless".

more oopsies

Of course we want you to have a high school education (first).

brilliance in history

Minimum HS Diploma or GED required. Post High School, Technical education and/or training preferred. Minimum 2 years machine operation experience and maintenance in a related, high-speed manufacturing industry OR a minimum of 3 years in a manufacturing environment.

Solid work history, no less than 3 employers in past 5 years.

Proven responsibility for machine adjustments, troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance in a manufacturing environment. Basic computer skills are necessary. Must be willing to work 12 hour shifts, including every other weekend.

Doh! Solid work history means frequent job switching.


Review: wastefulness and complacency yield devastation, oh ... and woman can be lovely, deadly, and loving too.

Some of the movie was cute
Some scenes were interesting
Movie wasn't funny
Movie has 2% re-watchability

In watching the movie I am reminded of i-Robot and a few Full Moon pictures. Wall-e, the last of his kind gave up wholly embracing the work forever alone goal. E-that, I suppose. He keeps a host of treasures, Little Mermaid. Throw in some Black Hole and any mixing-of-class relationships and you have it. It's much like cooking casserole. While the parts aren't original and the end is ... casserole, perhaps no one quite put the parts together like that.

Watch it or endure it. It isn't fast-paced like Monsters, Inc. It is dry, like Earth in the movie.

if you like Peter Griffon's appearance, you get to see lots of "him" in the movie.

job hunt mashup

just dial this number for a packet, right?