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Monday, April 06, 2009


Where any casual reader will see this and think of some disease that these young manga girls have, but in actuality, the diseased are the zombies below. The writers claim the zombies pursue their darkest desires, and example of which showed them hiking up skirts.

Maybe the diseased ones are the writers.

Hotel, 1 not well

Keith before his tooth broke off. Poor man lost a tooth on soft food. I guess it was time to go.
splish, splash, Zach swims in a flash
splash down ... Tawnya and Zach take the plunge
Tawnya in warm, hot water
Tawnya & Zach still
blurred vision of pizza with Micah & Charlie
As close as Lori wanted me to get
Charlie had a good idea ... "swim, Mommy, Daddy". So they did. They got a hotel room for a real rate opposed to the going rate of arm-leg and next-of-kin.

It was very kind of them to invite Tawnya and Zach to swim. Thank you!

! Thanks also to Lori for, "We didn't eat for that long".


Things behind you are larger than they appear!
"Why didn't somebody tell me my butt was so big!"+

Tawnya took my camera and presto -- embarrassment in seconds.

+ Spaceballs

Most Disgusting Job in the World - Funny Animation

Well, you might predict the next step, but the tormented screams make it funnier.