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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I will take Windows advice

I think I will.

more bad luck

Well, putting up drywall should have been fast and simple. As it turns out, the studs in the basement (perhaps the whole house) are not 24 inches on center. Oh, no. That would be up to code and simple. So, we had to cut nearly every piece to match. The room was 13' x 24' with many outlets that had to be cut.

I was so hoping that I would have mudded the drywall today and that tomorrow I could have painted. I tried to put up some ceiling tiles, but they too proved too smart or tough for me. I nearly pulled a "hulk smash" in anger. The tiles were very tough to put in, especially the slide puzzle feature on the last row.

I was shocked twice due to poor grounding.

There were two guys who came to close off a wall connecting one room to the kitchen. They were fairly fast and did an OK job. The studs there were also wrong. Hmmm, methinks it was a drunk architect or crew.

I am tired, stiff, sore. We had to make a run to Menards for one last piece of drywall. They cut it for us. Bruce, the cutter, used a box knife that was falling apart. I thought I was the dangerous one! Some other fool there had six 12' drywall sections loaded on his pick up truck. They dangled out the end. On top of the pieces, they put a new door. I would expect "crash".

My sister has the worst luck!