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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Charlie taffy

Thank you Lori for the cakes!

They worked out great! Your carrot cake was the talk of the day. So many compliments! Truly, you should be proud. You claimed that you had the greatest challenge with the roses, I think they look great!

long weekend

Family did a 50th anniversary celebration for the folks. There were over 80 people there other than family. It got crowded, but we managed. I ran around quite a bit trying to make sure things happened, were recorded and cleaned up. While I wasn't alone on this, I tried hard, and thusly didn't get to chat much with guests.

I anticipate my sister needing help today at her house in preparation for tomorrow when carpet gets installed.

running off at the mouth?

Lake James parties and headaches -- ha, ha ... funny! Yep, drinking heavy and hangovers that I see, but potty worries?

The association president is worried about phosphate levels from potty issues from sandbar guests? That, my dear friends is insane! So, the gas and suntan lotion, shampoo, grease, food trash -- all of that isn't bad, because we have to worry about people peeing in the lake?

I agree that you should never squat down, becoming chin deep in water in order to lighten your bowel. I do understand people standing in a lake and not taking off with the boat to pee in the comfort of a toilet. You go out in a group of 8, then 2 have to take off to potty, then 2 more later, etc. Have you heard of the comedy of women going in packs to the restroom at restaurants?