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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lilly in the backyard

Lilly digs.

no refunds

Ah, that time of year when the drunken punks do surely wish to be drinkin' the green beer. Whotz bahd iz when dey geitz et home.

St. Pauli girl isn't green! It's only in a green bottle ... as is the Heineken and the other pilsners. Lots of ale, none to drink, for the hillbillies were for want of green "domestic" Bud. That's OK, Bubba Jimmy-Bob, Jr. has a case of gonorrhea and is peein' green just the same.

unlucky US

AIG leader comes out wantin' our pot o' gold. Tis' the taxpayers who'll dole out the money to ye. Aye! And you thought the snakes were bad! Ah, surely he's a wearin' o' the greed, not the green.

Just me luck

Heis name eiz Chuck
Heiz wuz dahwoon un heiz luke
'E stepped in dahg c-rap
dene said, "whut da **ck?"

-- poem by O'rlly?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
may there not be a bad word to you made,
and may the sun warm you, putting a great Spring in yer step

Pope missed the boat

Pope declares that sexual abstinence is the key to stopping the spread of AIDS. Yeah, let me know how that works out for you. If the Vatican can't "stop" people from sinning, what fuels the delusion that the mere suggestion that "don't do it" will work?

Did God create humans with the capacity to actively seek out sexual affection from their spouse or was it so designed so that it was terribly painful and disgusting to the point that it would serve only as a means to continue the species. Oh, no ... it actually is perfectly natural and pleasurable to most couples.

Beyond the societal bounds of ceremonial couples (married), do couple engage in sexual activity? Yes, they do. I would propose that many couples do indeed. If I were to suggest a meager 30%, in any large population, that it a great number of people.

Now, take into consideration that HIV isn't like facial acne popping up plainly and sometimes all too clearly for everyone to see. HIV is a disease that may lie seemingly dormant for a short or long while. It may start, then go into a short regression. The only way to find out is to get checked. Often HIV patients have no symptoms. Early AIDS victims also have few or no strong symptoms.

If the Vatican wants to really help, send doctors and build clinics to do free screening to candidates. There, the society should suggest a quarantine micro-society for the AIDS victims so that they don't expose others to the disease. This then would give African nations millennium leper colonies.

Great, welcome to 1800 B.C.

I think a non-sexual person directing sexual people to deny their natural behaviors of normal sexual activity, is moronic. I really think the Vatican needs to get out of the 13th century and enter into a level of thinking that people will naturally have sex. "Don't do it" isn't a good slogan.

I will close this with some Catholic kids actively performing "saddlebacking". Since girls are supposed to save their virginity for marriage, some engage in anal sex so that they are vaginal virgins for marriage. Again, the Vatican needs to rethink many, many, many things stepping away from the situation a bit to see the bigger picture.

How long would you listen to a person telling you the joys of a sexless life?


I sense something is wrong here.