Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

No talk, just pet

More petting!

underpaid II

"We receive much lower pay. It's like that, and that's the way it is!"+

+ RUN D.M.C.


$7,000 per year seems a bit low for a pay scale.

How do I get the job of CareerBuilder proof-reader?

Who needs fiction when reality is funny?

This is a really good picture placement!
Call Greg. If he's conscious you might be in luck.
I can't sign up here for I have doubt. I doubt that will work out for me.

not a clue

Even my attempts with translation pages and text could I get all of what this is. It was a response to a comment I made on a blog.

hola estan lindicimos los muñecos en papel mache quierooo todos me voy a dar una vuelta x la feria y ver si me llevo algunos los tiene muy caros?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stop! Reservation.
I only slightly altered this picture.

oddball shots

odd things lying around where I walked.

clouds last evening

Great shapes, colors, variations.

common things of summer

small deer perhaps

wasp holds onto grass
one of many types of grasshoppers

Jesus cat fur flying

You have got to be kidding me!

OK. I've had it with people seeing Jesus, like they knew what He looked like, in anything. I think I'll start looking for Darth Vader in things, perhaps Nike symbols in everyday things. I cannot believe the stupidity of people!

To fight crime

advance and watch 2:00 - 3:30

World Class Turds

Now you can understand my phrase, "World class turds."

Fight Fire with Fire

Shootings and robberies.
"I say we pull a Number 6 on the gangs. We come ridin' in a-whoppin' and a-whoopin' everything that stands."+

Fort Wayne needs to purge the gangs. I support the use of lethal force to purge the gangs from Fort Wayne.
+ Blazing Saddles

Clouds of the evening

July 29th, 2008 evening clouds

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

old man food

Well, how did that cotton get in there? Wait, is that cotton candy? Uh, no. That's a beard growing from the roll. It looks like an old man! I like rolls, but these were a bit old for me.

She stopped to smell the roses

Well, my friend walked with me Monday.

Darn thing! I swear, that camera has some weird astigmatisms.
It works out all right, she didn't want the photo taken anyway.

Debunking one idea

Well, sad to type that I read it on first. Darn it! Anyway, if aliens are helping us, why would they suggest we use American units of measure that are terribly imprecise? They would certainly suggest metric. If the US doesn't use metric, can they be helped by aliens?

Pakistan vs India

Go Time, care of the Onion

Can't - - - reach - - - zipper

Leigh Rubin does Rubes. Darn funny!
I know plenty of T-Rex's then who can't "control the flow" as it were.
Perhaps this is why some people mess the front.

good advice I havne't taken?

This is a really old card I found... really old for some. I got it "used" as it were in the 80s.

sum tings Vichy hier

So, name sent same name spam. Um, don't think so. Nice try.

and then after the Senate

Let Obama find your next home.


I found the card in my wallet. Office Depot wouldn't redeem a gift card I got, expiring only one day prior. Do you want it? Putz!

- 2478
Barcode 557672

Make sure your child speaks another language

Well, if Barack keeps talking, then he'll thankfully talk his way out of the polls in November. "Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English, you should make sure your child can speak Spanish". -- Barack Obama

"Keep it up fly boy and you'll find yourself floating home!" -- Han Solo, Star Wars: New Hope

Monday, bloody Monday

In the afternoon, my sister called. One of the cars pooped out at Walgreens. I picked up her and two kids. I dropped off one, dropped at sister's house, then her other daughter called me and nicely dropped off a cable to me. I helped sister with computer issues, clean out a smelly freezer that sat dormant for two years after a nasty accident with it shutting off for a few days. They didn't immediately catch it and the freezer smelt badly of rotted food -- primarily not of meat but of home-grown tomatoes.

It smelled of cleaner now, so I dropped in fruit rind (tangerine) to improve the smell. My brother-in-law suggested it be mixed with cloves (potpourri). Anyway, that was that mess.

My sister's still-puppy has apparently a longer-than-normal cycle. She was in day ten of her bleeding. She was sad being relegated to the kitchen only, no carpet, no furniture. Little drops here and there and the sporadic dragging of the butt. I did notice that the blood was thinner, perhaps mixed a bit with urine, but unclear.

My sister also planned on the contingency of having to arrange a person's burial whom she did not personally know. The person, body, was her husband's first cousin's wife's mother. "What does that make you and me? Absolutely nothing."+ Summarized: the daughter was injured and in hospital on weekend of mother's death and is still in hospital. She can't plan much from there, but is executor for the estate. Her husband is, well, not a good man. The brother is in jail. My sister has helped that family some, so -- is in good with them, but the task may befall her. She is wisely trying to plan now, rather than being given the task ten seconds 'til doomsday.

With this, she found MS Word 2007 to be a major pain in the butt, which it is. Whoever was in charge of the interface should be flogged for days on end. It is the worst and most illogical arrangement for an interface. I refused to install it on my computer. With luck and time I got it to do what she wanted. She didn't have any older version of Word, so we had to use 2007. I pitched in and helped with my idea for quick sorting of pictures.

+ Spaceballs

Time with a friend

I got to see a friend yesterday whom I hadn't seen in a while. We walked, talked, shared. It was a great, great morning!

older and angrier

Liberal slant. "President Bush approves execution of military officer." What the title should be, "Convicted serial rapist, murderer's execution approved" (by government or Bush). Don't sympathize with a rapist murderer. Who cares if he was in the military during the time of his crime spree? Should that lessen his sentence, I think not.

I could be wrong, but it seems this is wussie reporting. Oh, he is going to be executed and he was in the military, whine, whine, complain. I suggest shooting him now. Concentrate on his crime and his use of the military to conceal himself. Therein lies the planning of a hostile and dangerous man.

Tiny Virginia Makopo, a former dormitory matron at Oprah Winfrey's school in South Africa, is shown in court in this file photo from April 25, 2008. She is accused of indecently assaulting minors, verbally abusing and soliciting them to perform indecent act.
-- care of MSNBC

What the? Indecently assaulting women, children? Is there a decent way that is OK?

Maybe I'll switch to exclusively to FOX and BBC. It's making me mad.

Your taxes are spent

Yep, I'm waiting for the spitting and rotten food from a mob of angry NASCAR fans to slaughter me. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has the National Guard as a sponsor. Let's see . . . average cost to advertise on a car $10-15 million per race. That's nice. So, is the National Guard self-sufficient and needing ABSOLUTELY no tax dollars? That clearly isn't the case.

So, when the National Guard races, you pay. When the military advertises, including during Superbowl, you pay. How is this a good thing for taxpayers? Would somebody be watching the TV and later think ... gosh, I never thought the military looked interesting, but gosh . . . action video with Godsmack in the background got me. I'll enlist!

Dale could find another sponsor? Let's face it ... if the die-hard fans obeyed the directions of advertisers on cars, then these lemmings could really be instructed to restart the economy, right? Somehow, I don't think they are quite the lemmings suspected and I disagree with having ever paid for NASCAR races.

Driving less yields less money

So, the states get less money from taxes on gas because people aren't driving as much. OK. So, the taxpayers are already paying enough -- don't tax more. I guess taxpayers need to call consumer credit companies to get the government on a spending budget so it stops its frivolous spending on crap that doesn't matter.

Here's another idea -- get America the stinking duck off of foreign oil you muckers! Don't do it over a course of 25 years, no. Do it flicking now! Not later, now!

Taxpayers shouldn't be made to help idiot lending companies that folded, nope. They shouldn't have to help Fannie Mae, nope. If these are not government companies, then the taxpayers are not obliged to pay penny one. If they are government companies, then clients have refunds coming to them for invalid charges, fees, and taxes. Either way, taxpayers should win.

If the government doesn't want a welfare nation, then it needs to stop taxing the heck out of working Americans who do OK right now or who are scraping by. They pay enough! The government needs to budget itself not taxpayers.

On whose side?

Ahmadinejad apparently has a friend, not in Jesus but, in media. I try scanning through MSNBC and there is his face thrice or more weekly. On CNN, articles count him as an important person with whom to talk and discuss things. What the? So, this leader who has returned Iran back to the Shah's regime essentially is worthy of the time of day? How many US lawmakers have they met and interviewed? How many times have they tried interview, oh ... I don't know ... Bush, Cheney?

While I have a long history of berating FOX for blatant partiality and bias, this makes Rush Limbaugh look demure. This leaves to wonder why some (or more) of the media darn-near worships the man. He's anti-America, pro nuclear research that will develop weapons. What part of this guy isn't dangerous?

Media. Wake up, stop talking to this guy as if he were rational. "I'm telling you, he's not a nice guy."+ I wonder what percentage of his media coverage is non-Arab?

+ Thank You, Mask Man -- Lenny Bruce

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's clump

These two across the street were quite the cause of furious uproar with the dogs. They were not involved in the picture below, though my assessment might lead one to believe that.
What I thought was an owl pellet may not be. It had only one bone that I could see and no skull. I have to rule this out as an owl pellet. It had too little of mass to be fecal matter. It might have been hair ball (cat perhaps), with parts from birds and chipmunk. Cats will digest small bones.

few other odd sorts of photos

cicada molt in web. No, the spider didn't catch a cicada.
The doors made it clear that they wanted through the gate.

picnic table with bite

shot under trampoline
twisted and scratching

slow speed showing movement ... Cheyenne seemingly headless
You found old axe heads.

parasites from bird poop

Waterworld was a bad movie.