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Sunday, September 28, 2008


I got a spam message to review an item I would never use. Spam you and the horse you rode in on.

Interested in a review on [my blogsite]

Z R to me
10:29 PM

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If you agree you can choose between receiving a product sample or receiving a payment.

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Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you
Z. R

Not for lack of trying

Well, I am hoping that some of the readers from:

FW Politics
Mike Carboni
Mitch Harper

and of course

Beautiful City (Fort Wayne)

will read this story and wonder whom I should contact regarding the injustice. I contacted a local law firm suggesting two avenues to help this family with the disgraceful situation brought on by back luck and red tape. The following is from the email I received.

Cerpicio, if you would not like this included ... let me know.

Earlier this year my brother-in-law Matt had a lot of sewage back up into his basement. He called the city and it took three hours for a truck to show up. The city crew said they had the wrong truck and it took another two hours to get the right one. So for more than five hours sewage was pumping into their basement.

It is the city’s sewer system. Matt & Brandy didn’t do anything to cause the back-up and couldn’t have done anything to prevent it. They had to tear up the carpet and throw out a lot of things that were on the floor. They had to pay for someone to come in and sanitize the basement, too.

But the city isn't taking responsibility for it and Matt and Brandy are out a lot of money. Their insurance isn't covering it either. They've talked to people at city hall, and even had a news crew out to cover the story. During the story, a guy from the city said there is a known issue with the sewers in the neighborhood because all the restaurants in the area pour grease down the drain. The city comes out once a month with a camera to check for build up.

The city says it isn't their fault because they didn't know about it, but yet they have plans in place to monitor and fix the clogged sewers.

Here's a link to the news article (which also includes a link to the video):