Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I listened to your song from your video ...
I went flush. I felt pressure from inside my face. I felt a pressure on my chest. My heart like lead, strings on my face pulled down my mouth. My eyes watered and my throat dried completely.

I didn't need reminding that I miss you, but my heart, mind, and body all reminded me that I miss you my love. I fell empty. I need you!

US was granting idiocy?

Asylum for people needing protection is good. That same asylum given to HIV-positive person from another country who will then exhaust money from America in housing, feeding, and treating him until he succumbs to his disease is completely wrong. I could see taking in refugees who plan on entering into a free society of America and enriching our culture with their participation in the great, grand being of democracy.

I can see Jews taking flight from anti-"Zionist" regimes around the world. I can see Georgian reporters seeking refuge from the greater totalitarian Russia seeking to snuff out free speech. I cannot agree to taking in disease-carrying non-English speakers who will rely on the US government for existence. I would have to pray that that disease-carrying refugee doesn't infect others.

San Francisco, you need corrective brain surgery.

So, the gay community willing participated in bringing in diseased gay persons into the nation, furthering their own misery by spreading more disease. You are foolish, stupid, and those actions are wholly reprehensible.

Darn and I had a great mad going!

There I was happy to be discontent with Mitch Daniels and he does something unexpected. He wants discipline in the schools. That's what they've needed. While that isn't the be all, end all of the problems, it is a change and a move toward growth. I hate to type it, but ... good job, mate!