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Monday, June 16, 2008

my trip to South Bend

Was simply wasted.
My day wasn't, as I got to see friends on my way back. Yeah for me!

please help

I am Robin Williams and am living on the West Coast of American, namely Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. I have been forced into working for a rich family who insists that I appear as an older woman. I am virtually their slave and servant, catering to their every need. I have millions of dollars from my entertainment work, but the bank cannot recognize me while I am dressed as an old woman.

If you will send me your bank account information, I will be able to escape from Beverly Hills to a safer area. I will gladly pay you 20% of my bank account from which I will draw funds.

It looks just as legitimate, right?

So what language do you speak & spell?

So, your last name is Williams, you were in Kuwait, lived in Ivory Coast and write in an Asian language. So, do you speak many languages?

Why conspiracy theories sell well

If you have insufficient evidence to a question you still want to answer, you piece together all that you know. Anti-government conspiracies work because the US government has a history of questionable answers.

"I did not have relations with that woman." there are more, but this is fine for my example.

Imagine the well spring of aliens and government cover ups. Why is it believable? The government lied too many times to be credible. At Roswell, they reported a UFO crash landing, then it wasn't that it was a weather balloon, then fifty years later, they detail it was testing high altitude parachuting and survivability of the pilot. So three statements, none of which match ... does the government lie?

"There is no Area 51." OK, then later, hard drives were lost ... data stolen from Los Alamos Labs in famed Area 51. So, there isn't, there is ... the government is incredible.

Oliver Stone had to sue the government for them to release the JFK video. Video tapes showing the jet crashing into the Pentagon were all confiscated for evidence, but only one video was released to the public. Again, the government makes itself incredible by what it does. It fosters distrust.

The election of Bush over Gore, people felt disenfranchised, elsewhere elected officials getting away with crime and more. Conspiracy theories "work" because people feel weak, powerless, and know they are given lies. Whether the disinformation like Roswell was for National Security (working on the ejection seat and parachute for spy plane) or like those used by the CIA in Cuba during the Bay of Pigs, the United States government needs to stop lying.

It will be the undoing of America if the citizens completely distrust the government. If the reports of UFO activity are returned with blackened out sections, that feeds the fear, the distrust. Conspiracies work because people distrust authority naturally, and the government isn't forthcoming naturally.

The use of propaganda to get the US into the war in Iraq doesn't help America have a whole ton of faith in the government as well. This goes beyond the President, but the whole of government. I'd rather see America stick around rather than be purged due to stupid lying on the part of those in power.

The US government should help itself and lie less. A trusting people are easier to govern rather than increasing numbers of factions.

one quick note on homosexuality

So many people rally against homosexuality for any number of reasons. I know that many men, especially, feel phobic about gays running around. Those same guys who HATE homosexuals, delight in seeing girls with each other ... moreover the dark sick thoughts of bi-sexual incestuous twins. Yuck! Read those words, then decide if seeing the Olsen twins having each other is as attractive as you thought. If the guys are against homosexuals, then they would see lesbian sex go bye-bye. Oh, you want lesbians, but not gays? Well, that's the trouble with objections to homosexuality. If it's a religious thing, then you can't really enjoy two women with each other. That is a sin.

I will note that I regard marriage as a religious ceremony that should be one woman, one man. If you get married by the church you STILL have to file legal paperwork for it to be legal in the state. Therefore, the marriage is a religious ceremony only. If homosexuals want the same, then a legal process of civil union is fine. If you thought the divorce rate was high for heterosexuals, imagine the stats if you let all couples marry and divorce. Divorce (dissolution of civil unions included) rates would jump from nearly fifty percent to seventy-five maybe.

The rates speak more on individuals than on the institution of marriage. I do, or at least 64% of the way I do. You see, then I have a back out clause that I said I do before I said I don't. I voted for it before I voted against it.

Slide it off center

Well, I don't like slanted news, but FOX might start winning me over if other news stations don't captivate my attention better. Granted, FOX news is Conservative Republican slanted, much so. I will also argue that it seems to try to rally people, every now and then, to really fixable problems. FOX isn't perfect, I won't list my objections, but note that it might be a bit better than Liberal chaos theory.

MR might be right about Bill O' Reilly being right sometimes.

It's going to be a tough millennium!

One Nation, under Jihad

Whoa! OK. I see that there are more domestic threats than I knew. I thought the heads-in-the-sand religious sects who preach incest and child rape were the worst lot. Well, at par with them are the Jihadist school board members who don't mind choosing textbooks that propagate the Islam we have all grown to fear and loathe. I am disgraced by many people in power who pull fast ones and more over who corrupt the weak. I disagree with teaching Creative or Intelligent Design, but by golly a scarier threat is teaching Jihadist Islam to young and weak minded fools or children who are taught to believe and respect teachers even if they are wrong.

Remember boys and girls, Allah (Big Brother) is watching you and knows you will do what is right, which is fight the infidels who gave you the freedom of speech and assembly. Fight that bill of rights!

America, we need to talk! If you read the passage in any religious text, "it's ok and expected to kill infidels or non-believers", put down the book and reason out the situation. Would God demand the slaughter of infidels? If you read such a passage, you might want to note that it is likely a new kid on the block. Islam ... younger than Christianity. Religious Western states sects (Mormons, etc.) are even newer. As the years pass by using only the old texts, many people get nuttier and nuttier.

If, however, enough people point out the "kill" [name target here] in religious doctrine, then maybe the world might see the fanatics and ruthless people for whom they are. Yikes!

How many Kurds are blowing up themselves for Allah? None.
How many Islamic Americans are blowing up themselves? None. While the Freeway Snipers were Islamic Jihadists, they didn't kill themselves.

Keep America great ... don't teach hate, don't teach slaughter. If you find these teachings, put an end to it.

I will note here that the teachers and school board members weren't beheaded, stoned to death, shot, imprisoned for life, or the like. I think in Saudi Arabia who whipped a rape victim, Syria who deported a teacher who named a Teddy Bear Muhammad, etc. would have promptly killed the people and found out facts some time later by accident.

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I did it to myself?

Damn! I can't blame anyone else? Damn!
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