Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Tawnya had her birthday on Tuesday and we got to Fort Wayne to eat. We headed back to W later and her daughter C presented her with a gift -- the movie, "Nights In Rodanthe".

It was simply marvelous to spend days with her. Thank you and happy birthday my sweet love

Friday, March 27, 2009

UN popular

uh, no

spam flavored

creepy man again

The story here is, that I wanted to take a picture with the camera extended. Well, the results were terrible and comical. Enjoy!

impulse to anger

I know I was angry, because I didn't do the best thing I could have done to fix the problem. I had my camera in my hand coming back from the walk and this jerk had pulled up touching my bumper. I, of course, don't have the picture because I was too stinking mad. I got in my car, moved it, then came back and got a picture. As you can see, there is PLENTY of space behind the car, it was the behavior of a jerk.

In fact, the putz didn't even pull up to the steps, which would make sense. Nope. So, if you see this vehicle and plate ... beware the jerk (gender unknown as I never saw the driver). I assume this is parked at the driver's house.

odd sight

photos of a walk

grillin chillin

I got a chance to make it over to Monkeyjack's and enjoyed grillin'. KC managed to try a novel little thing here ... pizza on the grill which turned out good. I didn't eat it, pepperoni -- yuck.


What the 'ell is in a Dell you ask?

fan that was accessible
laptop monitor
cooling system and DVD drive
small HD
neat but useless keyboard
old motherboard

tossed about

There is a local cat where Tawnya lives and she generally is happy to greet you, walking briskly in a kitty manner to accept petting and to rub against you. The last time that I saw her, she was happily playing with something. The something happened to be a previously living thing. She had caught a mole. I could see the small holes in the lawn where she followed then dug up the mole.

Man, was she happy! She was reliving the fight as it never happened. She picked up the mole, tossed it in the air and struck it down. She did this a while, then held it in her mouth. She batted it around the ground like a soccer ball.

Eventually she agreed to come over to see me and rub against me. She gave me about 30 seconds of "love" as it were, then back she went to playing with the long-since dead prey.

Monday, March 23, 2009

more power to the people

While AIG will rename itself, it occurred to me that taxpayers should have a newly enactable power:

alter loan rates.

That's right! If taxpayers loaned banks money, then they could:

create new fees:
$1 million for late payment plus $100,000 fee for processing for each occurrence.
change of services fees--any services altered (reduced or reassessed at high rates/fees) at any bank receiving stimulus monies will result in an immediate penalty fee of $1 million and an increase of rate equal to or greater than the increase in fees.
Since taxpayers are not competing for business and they are the sole loaning "institution", they can set the rate higher than market value without prior notice and is not subject to arbitration.
non-teller fees--to compensate the job loss for persons not filling the role of tellers for the loan, fees may range from $1,000 to $250,000 depending on locality.
recycling fee--to offset the use paper use and electronic filing and government required hard-copy filing with undisclosed varying rates
without prior notice, loan may be re-assessed to match current market economic need of loaning body (taxpayers)

This could extend to all "bailout" packages to companies and third parties.

Put power and money back in the hands and control of the taxpayers--it's their money.

--- another additional option could be to require all companies (third parties, including individuals) must rename themselves to any name (including previous or current name) with the same font size inclusion of "owes American taxpayers great respect, thanks, and timely repayment of the loan".

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's no secret

She was really thinking, "sleep!"

In case you wanted to know with whom I am in love.
She is here, glorious, wonderful Tawnya!

God knows, now you do too, that she makes me smile!

pay the price for your lack of playtime

"Daddy, please!"

old, beware

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lilly in the backyard

Lilly digs.

no refunds

Ah, that time of year when the drunken punks do surely wish to be drinkin' the green beer. Whotz bahd iz when dey geitz et home.

St. Pauli girl isn't green! It's only in a green bottle ... as is the Heineken and the other pilsners. Lots of ale, none to drink, for the hillbillies were for want of green "domestic" Bud. That's OK, Bubba Jimmy-Bob, Jr. has a case of gonorrhea and is peein' green just the same.

unlucky US

AIG leader comes out wantin' our pot o' gold. Tis' the taxpayers who'll dole out the money to ye. Aye! And you thought the snakes were bad! Ah, surely he's a wearin' o' the greed, not the green.

Just me luck

Heis name eiz Chuck
Heiz wuz dahwoon un heiz luke
'E stepped in dahg c-rap
dene said, "whut da **ck?"

-- poem by O'rlly?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
may there not be a bad word to you made,
and may the sun warm you, putting a great Spring in yer step

Pope missed the boat

Pope declares that sexual abstinence is the key to stopping the spread of AIDS. Yeah, let me know how that works out for you. If the Vatican can't "stop" people from sinning, what fuels the delusion that the mere suggestion that "don't do it" will work?

Did God create humans with the capacity to actively seek out sexual affection from their spouse or was it so designed so that it was terribly painful and disgusting to the point that it would serve only as a means to continue the species. Oh, no ... it actually is perfectly natural and pleasurable to most couples.

Beyond the societal bounds of ceremonial couples (married), do couple engage in sexual activity? Yes, they do. I would propose that many couples do indeed. If I were to suggest a meager 30%, in any large population, that it a great number of people.

Now, take into consideration that HIV isn't like facial acne popping up plainly and sometimes all too clearly for everyone to see. HIV is a disease that may lie seemingly dormant for a short or long while. It may start, then go into a short regression. The only way to find out is to get checked. Often HIV patients have no symptoms. Early AIDS victims also have few or no strong symptoms.

If the Vatican wants to really help, send doctors and build clinics to do free screening to candidates. There, the society should suggest a quarantine micro-society for the AIDS victims so that they don't expose others to the disease. This then would give African nations millennium leper colonies.

Great, welcome to 1800 B.C.

I think a non-sexual person directing sexual people to deny their natural behaviors of normal sexual activity, is moronic. I really think the Vatican needs to get out of the 13th century and enter into a level of thinking that people will naturally have sex. "Don't do it" isn't a good slogan.

I will close this with some Catholic kids actively performing "saddlebacking". Since girls are supposed to save their virginity for marriage, some engage in anal sex so that they are vaginal virgins for marriage. Again, the Vatican needs to rethink many, many, many things stepping away from the situation a bit to see the bigger picture.

How long would you listen to a person telling you the joys of a sexless life?


I sense something is wrong here.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Yeah, he's been chasing me for a few months now. Unlike the joy of the Geico stack of money chasing me, these bills won't give up and won't get tired.

look out

I just don't know if this was a good or evil search

Pit Bull and Raccoon play fighting

I hear myself cheering, "get 'em" while they play.

I met this guy selling insurance

He said or grunted that something was going to happen and that I ought to pay up.

I know ... it's a rough draft, but was only 20 minutes of work

buy here, think here

product warning: may not be effective with politicians, fundamentalists, and selfish indignants.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

delivering the jobs?

find her bearing

This couple is why there is the service to help people, not "Octo-Mom's" drastic cry for psychological help.

Friday, March 13, 2009

verb the world

just because he doesn't know what it means, doesn't mean he's lying

CNN, dumb

While I someone who might agree that it is appropriate, not to imply a good choice, CNN used "Gives You Hell" for transition music. Well, the instrumentation wouldn't have been bad, but ... it used the chorus.

"Hell" on a professional news network, especially as a theme is unprofessional.
"Gives you hell" could have been a negative slant toward the network itself -- nice going dummies.
I will also add the response that students watch news in the morning too. Again, great lack of thinking.

Somebody had too many dum-dum suckers at work I suspect.


Myxlplyx? I wonder what the site is backward?

Monday, March 09, 2009


Integrating lives together is a long and sometimes difficult journey.
It was a good weekend. T and I were to go to Fort Wayne to meet up with friends. As luck would have it, big Z was interested in coming. That is monumental. T and I were putting off the full integration of our many people into a wholeness. He was understandably hesitant. He had the chance to meet me via chat or conversation.

The trip there was a bit hampered as it seemed long to Z to be a long trip. Z finished that day with a party. He was tired, hungry and winding down from a party. Packed into a car for a "longish" car ride wasn't ideal. The plan was to meet up with Monkeyjack and party. Well, there was a side trip.

Big Z must have seen a short video of Lilly. I believe he really wants a dog that he can raise and train. While he loves the dog with him now, that silly canine isn't trained as he hoped or would want him to be. He requested to spend time with Lilly. Well, that was fine. He got a chance to run and play with Lilly who was obliging. Big Z also got a chance to meet J, my niece.

We had to go and got to Monkeyjack's house a bit late for dinner. Well, we prepped a plate for big Z, then T. I grabbed some food quickly so Charlie and J could pound on me. They love tumbling and rough-housing. K was disappointed that J was diving from the top of the bed to land on me. I took it all, as I do. I take a lot of beating.

We wanted to stay a bit longer, so K popped in Wii Mario Kart. big Z was wicked tired and growing sleepy and disagreeable. Well, I can't blame him. Anyway, K made coffees and a shake for us to go. We got to play with the rough and tough puppies who are very much who they are going to be. Silly puppies with bounds of energy followed by lounging.

It was simply great to see everyone again and to have a chance to more completely integrate our many lives together.

I was greatful that Debbie's surgery went very well, as she has many people praying for her and God's love is everywhere. Thanks to God for the many challenges before each of us and to our successes through God's guidance.

Sunday, big Z, T, and C went to "the Y". I was invited but opted out for the concern that I might have an unfortunately timed due-to-happen confrontation with a man who holds me accountable to my own actions and the consequences of many others' choices including his own. I will make that day when it comes but this early on with big Z so close to him, I will wait until that day doesn't fall back on Z negatively.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


I will assume that the connection is still working. I saw that it was working continuously.

Two technicians came out to the place to fix the connection. Well, as it turned out the signal was weak even with the signal boost. The technicians Reuben and Jason were prompt and fast and got the signal back to standard. They also did a diagnostic on the computer. Viola! It works.

The culprit, an external splitter. It was a new splitter that went bad. The splitter was not a Comcast part, only one that was purchased. I don't know a product name or number or specifically what it looked like. Don't bother asking.

While getting people to address the issue was a hassle, I will note here that after some concern, I was requested to keep some Comcast personnel informed on the success of the cable. I and TM have been contacted by Comcast several times in an effort to ensure that it was shown that customer service is indeed their concern.

It's nice to know that this company tried. It is a shame that, "it had to be taken to this level", as a representative had told me. If the personnel who contacted me wish to be named to highlight their participation in the success of the internet, I should expect them to let me know. I hope this shows that Comcast will work hard to ensure that customers are a priority.

Maybe later, I will use the catch phrase of, "... astic"

What I will try to keep resounding is, "I would like to ensure this is completed successfully. If you are interested in my assistance, please feel free to reply"

Friday, March 06, 2009

Comcast ... pending

Well, for TM's sake, Comcast is really trying. I will hold off on the glowing remarks until the system shows stability, but so far Comcast, as a company shows they they do indeed care and have been contacting TM and I about the issue.

Comcast, if it works, I will certianly recognize your efforts.

Day of pets

"Cheyenne" after a visit to the doctor's
in this photo she is still laboring under the haze of sedatives

LC called me to let me know of a downturn for her beloved Cheyenne who has a severe infection. Cheyenne was discharged from the VET with antibiotics. There are many infected lumps about her body. What wasn't clear was if they were cancer or another infection.

The vets took biopsies of the material and will contact LC and KC when they have the results. Poor girl!

I also got a chance to meet up with a couple of local cats. The one I call "pretty kitty" who is silly and people-friendly. She will meow to get attention and will rub against you. She has taken to playing with me as of late. After a very short time of "lovies" she will grasp my hand and play. She won't fully bite down, so she is playing. Odd she feels for comfortable. Later, her stark-white friend came by.

The white cat is quite skittish, but on this night, she was more willing to be pet. I had to go to pick up C from a friend's house. There I expected two be pounced by two dogs -- one large lab and the other a spunky little breed. Nope, they were in the house.

When the door was opened, they came outside and greeted me. When I opened the car door -- pop, in went the larger old lab. The silly old man wanted a ride. The little, lighter one was easier to retrieve from the car, but the old man didn't want to get out. He was like a stubborn old mule.

You could pull, push, beg him. He didn't budge. He wanted a road trip. After much hauling, his girl human successfully got him out of the car. Treats interested him only to the point of wanting them in the car. They didn't motivate him to leave the car.

I ended up feeling worried about Cheyenne and was tempted into smiling with the other animals who just needed love.


While it might be scoffed, challenged, debunked, I am listening to an audio CD of Silvia Brown's Phenomenon. It starts as a glossary of terms, explaining meanings. It is interesting to listen to her work. While I intend to read more of her work, I like how she starts off. She believes in many things including astral projection, spirit guides and much more, all the while also reminding the reader/listener that there is one true God and Jesus Christ. Her books clearly are positive and an effort to reach people who really are in need of answers.

Anyway, good work so far.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Com cast

Please also read the follow up after this posting:
"Comcast II"

The internet isn't working. Comcast has given me many reasons.

Reason 1: Microsoft isn't working
Reason 2: The software wasn't correctly installed (took three times to install it). This reason was given after the final install.
Reason 3: The router is a problem (it wasn't hooked up to a router).
Reason 4: The modem needs reset
Reason 5: The modem was activated
Reason 6: unknown why the modem wasn't creating a valid IP address
Reason 7: signal strength was too weak and needed boosting

I switched out all the cables, the modem three times and still a problem. A technician is coming out tomorrow to help me with it. It isn't mine, but it is my dear love's connection.

Below is some of the conversation on live-chat:
Problem : The internet signal to the modem is often times off and inconsistent. Why is that?
TM > The internet signal to the modem is often times off and inconsistent. Why is that?
JL > Hello TM, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is JL. Please give me one moment to review your information.
TM > Good afternoon Jane!
JL > Hi, how are you doing?
TM > I am well, though disappointed
JL > Good afternoon TM!
TM > Could you please check the signal and better still the history of connection on my account please?
JL > I am sorry to know that you are having issue with your internet connection. Please do not worry I will help you with your issue.
TM > Track or find it by phone number: ######
TM > I don't have the account number in front of me, sorry.
JL > That is fine. Please provide the complete address listed on your account instead.
TM > I have had some difficulty with it since I got the account.
TM > My address is -------------------------
TM > You are actually chatting with MH, her boyfriend, for she has little time to fight with it and she doesn't often have a signal to do live chat
JL > I will be running some tests here on my end to check on your connection. May I have two minutes to do this? I will be getting back to you with the result.
JL > Can you please tell me more about your issue? When has this started?
TM > Yes!
JL > Hello MH.
TM > Thanks. I am calling TM now. She will be most happy with you if you can fix this.
JL > How many Computers are connected to your modem.
TM > only 1
TM > The computer is HP, Vista operating system
JL > I appreciate your patience; I am still working on this for you, would you mind holding for a little longer?
TM > It is directly connected to the modem. I have a router, but the modem is not connected to it
TM > I don't mind holding. Thank you Jane.
JL > You are welcome. I am glad to help.
TM > I called tech support before. It is a Zoom modem
JL > Please run a speed test on your end at
TM > I am giving her directions now
TM > I am in Fort Wayne, she is in Warsaw (both in Indiana).
TM > Does it show that the computer is working?
TM > Does it show that the connection is valid?
JL > Yes, it is showing on my end.
TM > If there is no signal, she can't run the test online, right?
TM > working on it ... sorry to keep you
JL > Yes, that is right.
JL > No, not a problem at all.
TM > Dash it all! Where is she?
JL > I appreciate your effort.
TM > Still trying
JL > I just got the results and it is showing that modem is not properly acquiring good signals. I will be sending signals to your modem. This will allow the modem to acquire good signals from the head end.
JL > May I request you to please reset your modem as soon as we are done with this chat session. We need to wait for this chat session to end since resetting the connection will disconnect this chat session. Please shut down your Computer first and then unplug your modem from the wall outlet. Please plug it back after one minute. Is this okay with you?
TM > Hmmm
TM > I will have her reset the modem.
TM > I have reset it before. What is the glitch?
TM > The computer is new as is the modem
TM > We bought the modem from Staples about 1 week ago.
TM > The Comcast RCA modems were completely junk
JL > Yes, it is not with your equipment and computer.
JL > It is just that we need to boost your connection from our end.
TM > sweet!
TM > That will bring joy to her and especially her daughter who would spend her life on the computer, if possible.
JL > Just to set proper expectation, this will not take effect immediately on your end.
TM > 24 hours?
JL > It will need adequate time for your connection to reach its optimum performance.
JL > No, less than 24 hours.
TM > ok
TM > She is restting the modem now
JL > Was I able to address your question. Would that be all for now? Is there any other information I can provide you with?
TM > great, less than 24 hours
TM > That completely helped, thank you1
JL > You are most welcome. It was nice having you this morning. You have a great day ahead and take care!
TM > Is there a survey that I might complete on your behalf?
TM > TM indicates that she doesn't have a signal now.
JL > Yes, that is normal.
JL > She will not see the effect on her end immediately.
TM > OK, but tomorrow it should be better?
JL > It would not reach tomorrow,
JL > It will be fine within 8 hours.
TM > Thank you very much! That is fantastic!
JL > You are welcome. I am glad to help.
TM > I would love to fill out a survey giving you glowing remarks!
TM > my email address is ------------- if you could send it there, please?
JL > That is nice to know thank you.
JL > Sure, we would be glad to do that.
TM > You have brought joy to her, me, her family. I hope that you have a great day!
JL > Oh, thank you.
JL > You too MH.
JL > Take good care and enjoy your day.
JL > Thank you for contacting Comcast. If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Chat or E-mail (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Simply visit and select Help.
TM > Thanks so much!

user TM has entered room
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:21:57 GMT-0500
Internet connection still does not work. Supposedly, there was a boost of my signal and still it is not working.
analyst RZ has entered room
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:22:03 GMT-0500
Hello TM, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is RZ. Please give me one moment to review your information.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:22:04 GMT-0500
Hi, how are you doing today?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:22:31 GMT-0500
Hi RZ! I am having trouble again.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:22:44 GMT-0500
I'm sorry to hear that.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:22:47 GMT-0500
To further assist you, may I have your complete name and your phone number please?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:22:47 GMT-0500
I will copy-paste a transcript from yesterday. Can you please get my internet working?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:23:10 GMT-0500
This is MH chatting for TM #########
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:23:46 GMT-0500
Would you please verify as well the complete address and the last four digits of her SSN please.
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:24:11 GMT-0500
TM > I have reset it before. What is the glitch?
TM > The computer is new as is the modem
TM > We bought the modem from Staples about 1 week ago.
TM > The Comcast RCA modems were completely junk
Jane lonie > Yes, it is not with your equipment and computer.
Jane lonie > It is just that we need to boost your connection from our end.
TM > sweet!
TM > That will bring joy to her and especially her daughter who would spend her life on the computer, if possible.
Jane lonie > Just to set proper expectation, this will not take effect immediately on your end.
TM > 24 hours?
Jane lonie > It will need adequate time for your connection to reach its optimum performance.
Jane lonie > No, less than 24 hours.
TM > ok
TM > She is restting the modem now
Jane lonie > Was I able to address your question. Would that be all for now? Is there any other information I can provide you with?
TM > great, less than 24 hours
TM > That completely helped, thank you1
Jane lonie > You are most welcome. It was nice having you this morning. You have a great day ahead and take care!
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:24:42 GMT-0500
address is ----------------
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:25:00 GMT-0500
phone number on account is #############
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:26:08 GMT-0500
last digits of SSN are: #############
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:26:45 GMT-0500
Please give me a moment to check on that.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:28:58 GMT-0500
Thank you for your patience. May I call you by your fist name?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:29:23 GMT-0500
I am actually MH, her boyfriend. She is at home, I am talking with her.
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:29:27 GMT-0500
You may call me MH
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:30:20 GMT-0500
MH, If you want i will try to troubleshoot the issue again, otherwise I can send a technician to check on your end.
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:31:13 GMT-0500
troubleshoot me again, please? I like it.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:32:03 GMT-0500
MH, internet connection is not working so how can you chat with me?
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:32:22 GMT-0500
Can you surf, MH?
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:32:56 GMT-0500
Are you still there?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:33:08 GMT-0500
I am using another computer at another location
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:33:20 GMT-0500
Her connection in Warsaw, IN is not working.
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:33:32 GMT-0500
I am in Fort Wayne
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:33:31 GMT-0500
Okay.Thank you for that info.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:34:34 GMT-0500
She cannot surf, right?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:34:54 GMT-0500
There is no connection for modem to internet
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:35:06 GMT-0500
The internet has been out most of the day
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:35:35 GMT-0500
The Zoom modem connects to the computer, but there is no connection to internet
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:36:07 GMT-0500
She has it directly linked to computer, no router involved
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:36:44 GMT-0500
MH, as I troubleshoot the issue the system advice to send a technician to check on the connect on her end. Would you like me schedule it now?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:37:19 GMT-0500
NO technicion
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:37:26 GMT-0500
I have spent enough money
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:37:42 GMT-0500
The tech phone support has has five answers to one question
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:37:51 GMT-0500
I doubt the technician will fair better
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:38:35 GMT-0500
I am sorry hear that, MH, but the issue is beyond the scope what the our tools can fix in my system.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:39:07 GMT-0500
They have to check on the equipment itself on her end.
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:39:23 GMT-0500
What is the fee?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:40:09 GMT-0500
She doesn't have her schedule for next week yet. She only knows her Monday schedule next week, unless you can schedule it this week.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:40:16 GMT-0500
The technician will be calling 30 minutes before the scheduled time, you may discuss the with them.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:41:06 GMT-0500
Do you want me to work on the schedule now, MH?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:41:29 GMT-0500
what times do you have RZ?
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:42:00 GMT-0500
Let me check on the available sched. One moment please.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:43:38 GMT-0500
The schedule is Thursday, March 5, 2009 1PM-4PM, MH.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:43:49 GMT-0500
Would that be fine?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:44:13 GMT-0500
OK... better sooner than later I suppose. Thank you.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:44:26 GMT-0500
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:44:40 GMT-0500
I would like it if you gave the tech my number: #################
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:45:04 GMT-0500
TM will be in Fort Wayne for training and I will have to trek there to be around for the tech
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:45:16 GMT-0500
For your reference the ticket ID is ###############.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:45:30 GMT-0500
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:45:42 GMT-0500
Would there be anything else that I can help you with, MH?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:45:41 GMT-0500
How do I get the number for a supervisor over customer service?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:46:06 GMT-0500
While you have done well for me, this completely faltered attempts have un-nerved me.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:46:15 GMT-0500
You may call 1-800-266-2278, MH.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:46:48 GMT-0500
Again MH, I'm sorry for the inconvenience that this situation has caused you.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:46:53 GMT-0500
Would there be anything else that I can help you with?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:47:13 GMT-0500
I found that is the Comcast number. How do I reach a SUPERVISOR?
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:48:01 GMT-0500
You may ask the representative to connect to a supervisor.
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:48:06 GMT-0500
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:48:16 GMT-0500
Would there be anything else that I can help you with?
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:48:29 GMT-0500
I guess not. Thank you RZ.
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:48:42 GMT-0500
Once again thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support, my name is RZ. It's my pleasure doing business with you. Have a great evening!
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:48:53 GMT-0500
Could you please make notes on my account so that I don't have to repeat this mess every time?
RZ(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:49:17 GMT-0500
Sure, no problem
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:49:35 GMT-0500
Thanks. I guess I will see a tech tomorrow.
TM(Wed Mar 04 2009 16:49:41 GMT-0500
Have a great evening!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

not what I thought it was

I might have been good at the job I was thinking.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Like I was Dolemite

Gosh! It sure sounds legitimate!
If your daughter falls for this one, the error lies in her thinking.


I got a request for a blog to be removed ... done