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Thursday, May 07, 2009


He broke his foot on one day, then some time later, decorated his first cake.

clean swing

Tawnya and I headed out to the park to walk. It was good, fun, mixed with bad timing. The stinking bikes were flying through the woods on a race. They cared little for what and who got struck.

There was a vine hanging down. I remembered swinging on these things when I was young, so -- again, my fat belly and butt tried it. Tawnya was hesitant at first, but relented and had a good time.

She is great! She's bold, adventuresome, and a part of me I will not let go without a fight. She joked that the bra we found in the woods to be someone we knew. The person quickly responded, "That's not mine! That's not my size"! Of course, we were kidding.

Poker night

We played several games of poker. This time we played with chips and Mike came out the winner. Jeff hosted and presented us with lots to eat. We all ate well, drank some and played so-so.

Two defining games were: "Up and Down the River" aka Marcus always loses game, and "Screw Your Neighbor". The In-Between I chose lasted far too long. "... River" game saw many dealers pay out to the players. Wicked, unpredictable, non-strategy game.

The end of the evening was a bit more risque. My love called me and the guys gave me heck about the sweet talking I did. No sooner did I finish, then Monkeyjack did the same sticking thing. While I was in restroom, Monkeyjack did something naughty.

He tried to trick my love into thinking it was me, sending her a dirty message. She knew it wasn't me, but later continued a conversation with Dave. We shared the whole conversation, filthy as it was. My love actually held back, not wanting to shock or offend anyone.

Ahem, that's my love!

Thanks all! It was a fun night!

I quit, get life back

Stupid game! I had to quit because I just stopped doing other things making more sense. Facebook and other networks host Mafia Wars. It is much like the old BBS games of turn based and things happen while you are not online. You are limited, somewhat, as to what you can complete and accomplish while on.

I need to write and do things again. Skip the game, live again.

When you don't know

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