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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hannity's America

Well, MR ought to be happy that I happened on this one. I agree that this country is the best country. I didn't like Hannity's approach to his guest. If you will not concede that this is the America is the best, I will have to get rough! Anyway, it was the typical ... if you don't agree with everything we say, then you are un-Patriotic, un-American, and siding with the terrorists. It was nice to be reminded that America donates the money money and supplies to other nations, often more is donated by citizens than by the country itself. It shows a defining character of many Americans.

Media complaint

The problem I have with the canned on-the-spot shows on networks (not just Fox) is that the guest is castrated and burned at the stake if they dare suggest a differing opinion. I'm waiting for "Blasphemer! Burn the witch at the stake!" or "Crucify him after feeding him to the lions after a painful gladiator battle!"

Is it possible that I have differing opinions?

Can I go on CNN and suggest that the war is progressing better than depicted?
Can I go on FOX and suggest that the parties are closer than they appear in the mirror?

I can, if I am willing to get tarred, feathered, and discredited as a cannibalistic psychotic with an undocumented decades-old delusion of grandeur. I would be falsely labeled as having communist and neo-nazi ties.

on finding that job

As well as the legitimate job offers, I weed through the dubious ones. The first step is, find the real company name, look on google for that name + scam. Most of them qualify for scam or MLM unachievable madness. First, build a client base by selling to family, friends, neighbors, your dog! Your fish sees the wonderful service and products your dog is getting and approaches you. Now you are a success because you don't have to market yourself. Then reality kicks in like an unwelcome guest and you remember that fish don't buy and dogs, faithful as they are, don't have cash.

Multi-level marketing, ah ... yes. It looks like a pyramid, smells like one, quacks like one -- I'm guessing pyramid regardless the protests. I am still looking, though the economy's downturn helps few people, especially those seeking jobs.

leaves and flower wetted by rain

While many regions got nastily hit with flooding, there is some good in rain.
Northern Indiana was spared some.