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Sunday, August 03, 2008

unintentionally creepy

I think they ought to redo this particular picture for the advertisement.

Ed, Edd, and Eddie-macaded

I dun won dat fair an' squar at dat couny fair! I'z uze my pre-cise shootin' skills tah squert watr in tat clowns mout, ya'll. I dun real good! See'n dare? Rite dare, "Master". I gots me some skills, I tell you.

especially rude, crude

Yeah, I kinda get that when I try to pull out my other brain. "Eww" or laughter.

I only saw this as a different story using the panels. I only re-arranged the panels. In absolutely no way am I authorized to do this, so in fairness if I get admonished or something else, I greatly deserve it.

Please read the original comic here.
May I die a million deaths. Sorry Jim, I found it a bit more humorous like this.

makes it difficult to find

As I walked in the woods, I found a disturbing array of things, which might lead someone to believe "evidence". Whereas it is general debris and trash, if it were a crime scene, finding hard evidence would be really difficult.
web of lies
shot glass with writing
For what purposes was it used?
Natural or useful material?
Inside a log there are pieces:
glove, bottle, wrapper (below shown removed two jackets. One jacket had a piece of gum in the pocket)
Two jackets of different thicknesses, still spring or Fall jackets
You can see a broken top of bottle ... of value?
How old is the bottle and is it relevant to your search?
The mattress has been there for a while, but it is important to the scene?
What could be waste might be old material for binding.
Unconventional for binding, but painting tape is here.
Thick rope left on the ground, was it junk?
This part of a shoe, goes to whom?
This firepit on public property ... to burn something specific?
Was this box from someone involved?
You can read the lettering, but do you know the bottle?
There is a scrap of plastic with print.
There is a rusted bar nearby.
There's an old table-mounting chair for infants/toddlers.
There is a perhaps traceable coffee lid.
It's time to add things up and come up with what you have.
Is it scrap from a bong party?
Was it material left from hillbillies or the like using public property as their own?
Was there a crime?

walk in the wood

Although this isn't a tomato, I don't realy know what it is.

seemingly no bark on a living tree

This is likely a male, but it isn't clear to me. Most insect males tend to serve only the purpose to continue the species to a smaller degree than the female.


For the whole full document, read FW News here.

Police responded to a reported rape after a 17-year-old girl told her mother her ex-boyfriend had raped her early Friday.

The girl told police she had gone to Indianapolis with her ex-boyfriend to see his sister and while in a hotel room there, she woke up in the morning to find him on top of her, the police report said. The girl said she was scared of the man and didn’t want him to hurt her, the report said.
I suggest only an alternate possibility.

A girl goes down to Indianapolis and stays with a so-called ex-boyfriend and they have sex. It might turn out to be a problem, so it is called rape. So, why did she go to Indy and stay alone in the same hotel room with him? That will be a tough case to prosecute.

Fine, uerp, dining

Buffalo Wings N’ Ribs, 6439 W. Jefferson Blvd.: NCV: 4

Burger King, 232 E. Pettit Ave.: NCV: 4

Cebollas Mexican Grill, 602 E. Dupont Road: NCV: 6

Critical violations : Hand sink used for purposes other than hand washing; plastic grocery bags used to store raw meat; raw food stored improperly.

For more, read FW News Food Inspection reports.

maybe this will seal the fate of the bad idea

While I am not going to vote for Obama, I think him taking a negative stance on reparations may very well start the closing of that chapter. "The best way to make up for it is to improve education, health, and opportunity (jobs)." Pardon me, I paraphrased him there. I think what so many of those proponents fail to recognize, is that while that was a terrible and sickening part of our history -- it is done.

There are many whom braved a wicked life of underpaid work to raise their families, knowing that there was a better tomorrow. These pioneers embraced the challenges of work and knowing that through perseverance and community support, most obstacles may beaten.

If I am to assume that the bulk of those petitioning for the reparations may already be getting government monies. If so, then it begs the question: You want money for injustices not done to you personally, while getting money you haven't "earned" from the government? Will these same petitioners seek reparations from African nations who either sold the ancestors or were complacent with the slave trade? Good luck with that! Do you think that the peoples of 15th - 20th century have such census records?

In the end, it sounds like, "I want free money". So does everyone, but it doesn't work that way. I have ancestors from Germany and Ireland and other nations. Should I petition them for money for injustices done to my families?

While the USA did allow and did encourage slavery and it did a great many injustices to a a great number of peoples, that is part of our history. Technically, there would be few who could honestly claim it, being the children of former slaves. The grandchildren or great grandchildren (or any number of generations) could hardly claim direct penalty from slavery. So, a person my age could not know slavery, except for what is in historical documents.

Let's take a look at money then, shall we? To allocate money, you need an administrative body. This is simple ... are there accountants in large companies that manage payroll? Are their leveled groups that watch cash flow between departments and other buildings within the same company? For the millions who would claim the monies, is there a need for a governing body to manage it? How about on a state level, county level, local level? All this means is payroll and expenses for people to dispense cash.

Can I just send in my name to a faceless department, get my cash because I have a "Black sounding" name? Michael Jordon would loose out then, right? I would therefore have to have a face with my request. I also can't just show up and say, "I'm Black; pay me." I also have to ensure that each person is paid only once (ever-lasting gobstopper or voting).

What about the persons who may be closer to historical slavery than others? What if that person can't get to the office for monies? Also, 100 dollars divided by 8000 people, while people do "enjoy the spoils" of the degradation of genetically-linked former slaves, each share would be small.

Me, I'd take emancipation of my student loan. The government would pay a very large fee for my individual claim, but it was used to further a person to achieve and become a taxpayer. You know ... how this thing has to be funded anyway, through tax dollars.

Obama, at least, has achieved much and appears to be the first viable Black candidate for President. Even if he doesn't win the election, he has shown that individuals can achieve very lofty goals and overcome obstacles. Moreover, he makes no claims for monies due for the past injustices done to genetically-linked slaves.

I use the term genetically-linked, for many people don't know squat or care about their genealogy. Does it pay me? Do the claimants know anything about these slaves, ever cared before?