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Friday, March 27, 2009

UN popular

uh, no

spam flavored

creepy man again

The story here is, that I wanted to take a picture with the camera extended. Well, the results were terrible and comical. Enjoy!

impulse to anger

I know I was angry, because I didn't do the best thing I could have done to fix the problem. I had my camera in my hand coming back from the walk and this jerk had pulled up touching my bumper. I, of course, don't have the picture because I was too stinking mad. I got in my car, moved it, then came back and got a picture. As you can see, there is PLENTY of space behind the car, it was the behavior of a jerk.

In fact, the putz didn't even pull up to the steps, which would make sense. Nope. So, if you see this vehicle and plate ... beware the jerk (gender unknown as I never saw the driver). I assume this is parked at the driver's house.

odd sight

photos of a walk

grillin chillin

I got a chance to make it over to Monkeyjack's and enjoyed grillin'. KC managed to try a novel little thing here ... pizza on the grill which turned out good. I didn't eat it, pepperoni -- yuck.


What the 'ell is in a Dell you ask?

fan that was accessible
laptop monitor
cooling system and DVD drive
small HD
neat but useless keyboard
old motherboard

tossed about

There is a local cat where Tawnya lives and she generally is happy to greet you, walking briskly in a kitty manner to accept petting and to rub against you. The last time that I saw her, she was happily playing with something. The something happened to be a previously living thing. She had caught a mole. I could see the small holes in the lawn where she followed then dug up the mole.

Man, was she happy! She was reliving the fight as it never happened. She picked up the mole, tossed it in the air and struck it down. She did this a while, then held it in her mouth. She batted it around the ground like a soccer ball.

Eventually she agreed to come over to see me and rub against me. She gave me about 30 seconds of "love" as it were, then back she went to playing with the long-since dead prey.