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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aretha Franklin?

Who chose her? She has no lung capacity and so singing was a challenge to her. Yikes! The poem was something better read and not heard. While the speech was a bit long, there were notable moments and clear intentions. Overall, not bad.

I thought that George W. Bush, Sr. should have been encouraged to sit for he obviously was hurting, poor man.

It was also a shame they invited the former Vice Presidents. Al Gore, Dan Quayle, you could have opted out and stayed home, right?

simplified critique

Disaster Movie, lots of dumb, not enough funny. I guess the director didn't know when a scene went on too long. That was the bulk of it. twelve seconds would be fine, not twelve minutes. Imagine, if you will, Austin Powers peeing scene lasting longer than it did, twice as long. Would be it still be funny?

Mirrors, unoriginal. It had many borrowed ideas, a few borrowed scenes, stages, etc. You can't call it a new idea in sandwiches if this one is sandwich number one but now with salt and pepper.