Gradually degenerating into ignorance and complacency.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sad, happy, you could guess both and would be wrong on one count. I don't like masks, they are a lie, yet I wear one now.


hours-old milk slides slowly down the glass
peeking through bushes and I find ... dun, dun ... fence

cloudy today

summer acrobats

cicada fights molt for position
Shortly I took shots of cicadas and their molted skins.
One cicada was working its way up a tree and "fought" with a molted skin. Instead of hurtling competition to the ground, only it fell. I interfered with nature and returned the aggressive bugger to the tree.

I thought the process for hardening of the bodies of the cicadas was about an hour. That is not so -- too short.

Yeah, I'd like to know

The circumstances behind me looking up what I did are unimportant, however the results are flipping funny! Even the Busted Tees model is reading the article.

2 other pictures

The category was, "Anagram Movies"

He's a NES & Atari, playa!

G-Style may not mean geek style like some people think.

No, no, no bum!

My dear friend hides her bum. She is silly that way.

Rummage Sale II

She ran the show. Darn, camera must have been set wrong her identity is still a bit unclear.

Well, my friend did a rummage sale and made, seemingly meager money, but it continues. When I was there the first day you could find tables filled. One was like this:
I hope that she does better this weekend. I donated a TV for sale. It garnered a pittance. It was worth a try anyway.

evening, flowers, bore

on a few shots I used a purple leaf to alter the flash.