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Sunday, December 21, 2008

bad luck or racism

We played CatchPhrase 2 and Tim almost always got the thing when it beeped. He claimed, 'this game is so racist!"

Dear Hasbro ....

parts of a party

Mike's Christmas party 2008

Santa in lights

I saw him there, flashed in light, perhaps he isn't lit now with the power outages.

Sunova glitch!

Fort Wayne loses power .... over 100,000 affected. Look dudes, get on this thing!

I was lucky enough to stay with family who had power -- lucky indeed. Jeff, Paula, Josh are without power and they are staying with family.

While I have been away, I have had other things to do. I also got to go to Mike's party. I will post pictures PDQ. The love of my life was there with me.

I returned to the powerless, heatless house in search for a few things that I needed. The thermometer stopped after low forties. I am sure that it was lower than the meter showed. Walking through your house with no heat or power is eerie. It makes one wonder if you died and are not just haunting the place.