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Monday, January 26, 2009

Where my money?

I filed my taxes, they were accepted. Now, where my money?

You can have this or you can have that

I got an email today from Voice Applied Customer Service. I didn't put myself on a "please pester" list, so I wondered what it was. So, I first googled the company matched with the word, "scam". I didn't found out much other than others asking the same question. I went to "Contact" link and found an interesting bit that might skip the casual observer.

While they have a toll free number, note the company advertising for phone, voice, customer service has toll free service for only five and a half hours. Does that sound legitimate? I'm thinking that a company billing itself as customer service, voice, phone with headset pictures and a Tom Cruise wannabe on the phone, ought to have at least eight hours of time allowed for phone calls.

If it appears to be too good, it might be. Chances are, they want your address to pester you more.