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Monday, December 01, 2008

Charlie night

One night I got to see Charlie play football. It was fast, but Charlie wasn't really into it. Later we ate Indian food. Charlie and Tawnya palled around together and set about to tickle me. Charlie and Tawnya also battled it out on Guitar Hero.

Ted was OK, but not looking his best. Lori had more bad news as she was drifting away herself with min-strokes. Good parts of a day mixed with bad facets of life.

Thanks for dinner Keith!

What I missed, what I gained

I went with the love of my love to Indianapolis. We were to meet a friend of hers. While there I booked a hotel room. I looked around and found a comfy one for a good price. It is off-season so the price was better than I imagined. The room was bigger than my life.
That isn't a misstatement. I'm basic, I struggle and this had stuff I could not immediately use. The bed was nice; it was quiet; the kitchenette was great (went unused) and the bathroom had jets in the tub. Man was it relaxing for us to sit and unwind in there. She made it better with candles. I didn't bother with the mood music. By that late hour, we were so tired -- bed was for REST+.
We were able to meet my sister and brother-in-law for dinner and we ate Thai. The restaurant was cold and the food was spicy hot. The owner came out and talked a bit. He was used to minutes-fresh or hours-fresh in Thailand were they butchered on the spot, no freezing.
My sister and brother-in-law paid for dinner. Thank you!

My sinus infection prevented me from fully enjoying the weekend, but I enjoyed every positive thing about it.

While at her friend's I had a seventeen year-old cat sleep on my lap. He was a tired old man.

On the same weekend, I was supposed to go to my, "gosh-I'm-old-twentieth-high-school-reunion".

[rude word] "your mom", said FM.
all photos c/o M Reilly, who thoughtfully took these and sent them to me.

+ I won't specify the limited exception to this

From the life of Joshua

Jeff sent this to me for Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble.

quit not acquitted

I will happily omit and change names to "protect" people.

I worked for a place helping people with specific needs while generally in a home setting. I was given a review of many prospective "clients" and accepted an assignment with a mildly challenging person who had many problems. I will call this client, Brunhilda. Brunhilda apparently had some latent and not so secretive dislike for genders and creeds of people. I was on two lists of 'people who Brunhilda will not like'.

Brunhilda, as the name might picture it was of a person who liked eating. Sad to say, Brunhilda would endanger herself with her eating. The picture at the top shows the refrigerator. Since she had little control, she was protected from her impulses by this measure.

Brunhilda had other issues, but in general her resistance (even to her own loss) was her strongest characteristic. After weeks of working with Brunhilda, I folded. I could not help her and feared that paired with my ineffectual partner Tenille would lead to Brunhilda's demise. I was not willing to enable her death, and not willing to suffer through false allegations brought against me as Brunhilda had done in the past.