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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DM of AD&D

If you know who this is:

You are such a 80s cartoon-watching geek

like me

for a friend

Dog skis

How to apply

Yeah, that's what I want to know. That's a good ad you have there, dudes!

odd pieces of art by me

Nice work on my hands there. Let's see, left wrist and right hand. Beautiful work!
Stephen King and Robert Frost should write so bleakly!
It isn't a bad idea, but is clearly in need of much work.

unknown artists from the past

I am not 100 percent sure I know whose art is here, but I am fairly certain it is from a person I don't think I have EVER mentioned on my blog. The person isn't X. I might be wrong, but doubt it. If you see it, know it, know the artist, let me know. Why in the heck did I keep it? It had to be interesting or important for some reason, right?

on an emo day

On an emo day, I can die forever or at least whine and cry about it.

Yep, my work, not recent.

gas prices soaring ... spend money now

Um, so if I get the fuel injector service for $180, when will I get that back with average driving? Oh, about 4 to 8 years why do you ask?


back when

I think this was 1987 . . . MR might correct me on that.

Geek Alert!

Back before the internet and before general consumer access to the BBS, you had to rely on dot matrix printouts to bypass security measures found in documentation. When companies found that hackers were developing counter-measures to encryption including disc speed measurements, some put piracy protection in the documentation. At times you would be prompted to enter something from the documentation.

What is the word on page ##, paragraph ##,etc. They might also use, "which lemming is on page ..." where the lemmings were in light blue that had a low probability for scanning with older scanners copiers.

I actually bought the game (Infocom's Leather Goddesses of Phobos), so ... no lawsuis please. Hank you. (As you will noe, I used he T remover). Rabbit becomes Rabbi, etc.

What does that error code mean? Well, sometimes you had to find out on your own.
I played around with commanding the old dot matrix which interestingly enough had forward and reverse commands. I also tried doing some timid programming with hex code. What a waste!
Ah, yes. Ultima series. One of the oldest RPG games. Battle monsters, develop your character, shout madly at computer for wasting your F'ing time!

What is the one true axiom? Well, that's poon-tang. According to Ultima, it is, "truth". Well, I'm sorry guys, but poon-tang is the one true axiom.

I made the above cheat sheet to read the stupid words that they put in place of letters. If you had a poor graphics card, poor monitor, poor display, you were fudged!

I need to bug a few people to see if they have old printouts or the like of 300 baud modems. I know that MR has 3.5 discs, 5.25 discs and a 12 incher (ha ha) that looks like an squared LP. Scott had ShadowNet on the next step up from the turbo PC. I think it lasted longer because it was near the AC unit at ShadowNet.

I ain't frontin'

Cuz I can tell you wut da 80s like; plus I can really lay the pipe
Yep, out of the old box of old stuff I found birthday cards from the 80s.
Yep, I lived in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and now.

St. Patrick's Day

Well, now you know what card to send to family for next St. Patrick's Day, right?

project begets a project

I started looking for one thing, then I had to take out a lot to get things to move. I pulled out two really old boxes of stuff that I kept. I am not much of a collector.

In the piles of papers, many of which I recycled, I found some funny things.

I found an old, seemingly calculus paper: d = square root of /(10t-6)^2 + (5t-2)^2
also on the paper: 10h(5x^2) = 8m^3
Cost = 5(4(xh))+10(2(x^2))

What in the heck was I doing?

I also found many sheets of me making lists. I remember I was making a virtual animal index with names of all sorts of planetary fauna.
another sheet I made a "wish list" from a martial arts weapons catalog. While the prices today aren't bad, then they were expensive. I see listed a steel ninja sword, $109.95 from one place, $69.95 from another place.

It's a good thing I didn't get the weapons. I am sure that I would have wound up killing myself with improper use of them.

carbon footprint following

How much unnecessary traveling do you do? I think of the many high and mighty who drive all the time to conferences, take flights. Oh, say, like Al Gore. How many of those fools live as they speak, practice what they preach?

disadvantages of being older

What kind of carbon footprint am I going to leave?

Let's see. When I was young, people burned their trash. Yep, burned it, meaning toxic chemicals and leaves.
When I was young, they didn't have recycling in most cities and most items weren't recycled anyway.
When I was young. gas was cheaper and the term carpooling was used only in ultra-urban areas (L.A., NYC, etc). My state still has no "carpool lane". The term cruising sparingly used, but most kids drove everywhere for no good reason. I include myself, as I drove to places I could have easily walked or rode my bike.
When I was young, moderation was not encouraged.
Only in my very youngest age did many bottles get recycled for "money" and very few types of bottles.
When I was younger, everyone used charcoal grills. Many people were so enamored with having this caveman like ability to make fire that "limited use" of lighter fluid was a sissy-man way of making fire. In the end, chemical-tasting burgers lost to correctly cooked modest-amount-of-fluid burgers.
Fast food restaurants didn't use paper wrappers alone, oh no. They used polystyrene (egg carton material) that does isn't biodegradable.
Kids could buy stuff for the folks like, dangeroud chemicals, fireworks, cigarettes.
I remember energy efficiency ratings on appliances and furnaces being below 70s.
I remember single-paned glass windows.
I remember people burning building material when remodeling.
I remember throwing away tons of hazardous material down the drains and in the trash.
I know that I started burning fires for the fun of it (a log here), paper there. I don't mean arson, but rather stupidly making fire because I could.

Well pardon my ignorance and that of the older generation. While I am guilty of leaving a nasty carbon footprint because the world was far more ignorant and lazy, I am on a better track.

I try to recycle everything that I can. The local company doesn't help by annually reducing the variety of material they recycle. I try to save use "Toxaway Day" for the time I need to properly destroy hazardous material. I am trying.

So I when I die I will have left a nasty little carbon footprint, but the "top layer" of it will be lighter than the bottom layer.

The question is, where do younger people stand with their greater level of knowledge?